Convinced – Go Hard Freestyle Countdown: “Number One” [Video]

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Wuddup y’all, the ‘Refreshing’ Freestyle Countdown came to an end, but the Refreshing album is on it’s way. Until then, its time for Convinced to hop on the ‘strums and GO HARD!  Are you Convinced? There’s gon be a new countdown featuring all original production from J Trax. “The REFRESHING album, RFC Mixtape, and now the GHFC. We have no plans on stopping…” – As quoted.  Hit above for the vid. and below for the track listen.

DOWNLOAD: Convinced – “Go Hard Freestyle Countdown”: Number One

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Posted on October 17th 2008 in Downloads, Music

3 Responses to “Convinced – Go Hard Freestyle Countdown: “Number One” [Video]”

  1. CM: Go Hard Freestyle Countdown Day #1 « Are You Convinced? Says:

    […] Shouts to Drew for postin us as […]

  2. Eighty's Baby Says:

    Yessir. Good lookin Drew!!

  3. Yung Drew Says:

    Mos def

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