Top 30 Hip-Hop / Rap Albums Of 2008

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30. The Knux – Remind Me In 3 Days…

I didn’t hear about the hip-hop group The Knux until 2008, but I was glad someone reminded me to check out their album entitled “Remind Me In 3 Days…”.  I was instantly overtaken with a new sound, something that I hadn’t heard before.  Just because you make creative music, doesn’t necessarily mean that it is good music – a concept that many people fail to recognize in the music industry nowadays.

The duo called “The Knux” were able to make an album that featured creative sounds, creative concepts, and still make it a (more than) noteworthy piece of music to check out in 2008.  You really owe yourself to check up on their music if you haven’t already.  Standout tracks include: “Bang! Bang!,” “Cappuccino (Remix),” and “F!re (Put It In The Air).”  I highly recommend that you buy this album to add to your collection in 2008 – even if you are the slightest bit interested in their music.

PURCHASE: The Knux – Remind Me in 3 Days

29. EPMD – We Mean Business

Nine years since the duo (Erick Sermon and Parrish Smith) dropped “Out Of Business” they made a return to the world of hip-hop with the release of “We Mean Business.”  The album has the same old-school feel to it, though they opted to leave the infamous DJ Scratch out of the lineup.  Veteran guests like Raekwon, Redman, Mobb Deep, and KRS-One make the listener appreciate the quality music.

The album is really a must-listen for any fan of EPMD and definitely worth checking out if you appreciate good hip-hop music.  My favorite tracks from this album include: “Listen Up” – which is arguably the biggest “banger” on the album, featuring Teddy Riley.  I also especially enjoyed “Run It” featuring KRS-1.

Though DJ Scratch was missing from this project, due to various issues with the group – the album is still a very noteworthy piece of 2008.  It is filled with a grand total of thirteen tracks, but there was absolutely zero “filler” (i.e. interludes / skits) – which is common on most albums.  Old school fans and hip-hop heads alike should mos.def. check into this project.

PURCHASE: EPMD – We Mean Business

28. Murs – Murs For President

When I heard that MURS was going to be running for president I got excited. Murs has had a long history of making quality music.  On this project Murs rhymes the truth and makes what I refer to as genuine music.  This alubm “Murs For President” has something to offer for everybody – from the “feel good” anthem (laced by super-producer “”) called “Lookin Fly.”

“It seems like nobody’s tryin man / there’s Kids dyin in Sudan and nobody cares / at least I’m tryin man” – says the artist Nick Carter.  The album brings up major issues that many people can relate to and other concerns of the worldly focused artist Murs.

Murs opted to sign with a major label in order to get more promotion and in order to get more people exposed to his music.  He didn’t care whether the deal made him lose profits, he had the goal to push his music on as many listeners as the promotion would allow.

This album makes for a quality listen from beginning to end.  Though some instrumentals failed to keep my interest, Murs’ wordplay and rhymes always made things interesting.  Standout tracks include: “Time Is Now” featuring Snoop Dogg, “Can It Be,” and “Lookin Fly.” I definitely cast my vote for Murs in 2008, I hope you all go out and pick up this project.  Murs was truly one of the artists that kept true hip-hop alive in 2008.

PURCHASE: Murs – Murs For President

27. GZA – Pro Tools

Wu Tang Clan member the GZA (a.k.a. Genius) delivered his 5th solo album entitled “Pro Tools.”  I was looking forward to this project since I heard a promotional release of “0% Finance” and a track (“Paper Plate”) geared towards dissing Curtis Jackson (more commonly known as “50 Cent”…  He says “one verse shatter your spine and crush your spirit, no matter what, you still window shop for lyrics.”

The production on this album is good, definitely tailored for GZA’s rhymes.  The lyrics are all strong, yet I wish the GZA would’ve conveyed more emotion through them.  Tracks that really stood out to Yung Drew include “Pencil,” “Paper Plate,” and “Intromental,” and “0% Finance.”

The final note: After taking a listen to this project, it is clear that the Wu member the GZA is an extremely bright individual with plenty of creativity.  RZA and Masta Killa both make notable appearances too. This album “Pro Tools” is a must-cop for any fan of the Wu and a must-listen for hip-hop heads.


26. Large Pro – Main Source

If you’ve never heard of Large Pro a.k.a. Large Professor before, then you clearly aren’t up on the history of hip-hop music.  The man Large Pro has produced for hip-hop legends like Nas, Kool G Rap, and the group A Tribe Called Quest. Large Professors obscure sampling – that features hints of Jazz, Soul, and Funk – all sound great on this album “Main Source.”

A couple of personal favorites from this album include “In The Ghetto” and “Hot: Sizzlin’ Scorchin’ Torchin’ Blazin.”  It’s always great to hear from Large Pro and I felt that a lot of people slept on this album or weren’t aware of it’s release.  Well, now you should know it gets the cosign from Yung Drew, and is something I highly recommend checking out.

PURCHASE: Large Pro – Main Source

25. Ghostface Killah – Ghostdeini The Great

Ghostface Killah has returned after his last project entitled “Big Doe Rehab” with the release of the compilation album “Ghostdeini The Great.”  Basically it has a bunch of classic cuts and remixes that GFK served up to satisfy all the fans during the holiday season.  The project bumps from start to finish and includes notable cameos from Kanye West, Ice Cube Ne-Yo, Styles P, Beanie Sigel, and Malice (of The Clipse).

The likes of Sun God, Raekwon, Freeway, and Method Man can also be found as features.  Think classic Ghostface Killah, then put this album in the CD changer and vibe out as you drive down the highway.  Classic music coming from the legendary artist on his compilation (Note: not a “greatest hits”) album. If you are a fan of Ghosface Killah, then this album is a must-buy.

PURCHASE: Ghostface Killah – Ghostdeini The Great [CD/DVD]

24. Jean Grae – Evil Jeanius by Blue Sky, Black Death

It’s apparent that if there’s one best femcee (female emcee) in the game, it’s Jean Grae.  This “Blue Sky Black Death” album by Jean Grae is easily one of the most incredible albums of 2008.  Though the project is fairly short at only 10 tracks, each track is worth well over the $.99 that it costs via iTunes.  The production on this project is extremely solid.

Jean Grae literally tears the beats to shreds with her lyrical prowess.  My favorite tracks from this album are “Threats” featuring Chen Lo and “Shadows Forever.”  The lyrics deal with real life issues and the rhyming connections are ridiculous.  Most artists wish they were at Jean Grae’s lyrical level – complimented by what I would call a “wicked” flow.

Really the only downfall of this album is that it’s fairly short at only 10 tracks.  Next time you hear anyone claiming that they are the best female emcee, you’ll know that unless they speak of the artist Jean Grae, they are only kidding themselves.  Pick up this album today and hear her out for yourself.

PURCHASE: Jean Grae – Jean Grae: Evil Jeanius

23. DJ Revolution – King Of The Decks

For those who are a fan of DJ’s, this is a must-buy album for 2008.  The entire project “King Of The Decks” is filled with incredibly ill cuts from DJ Revolution. The album consists of 24 tracks of pure fiyah.  I wasn’t too familiar with DJ Revolution, but decided to take a listen to the album when I heard the track “The DJ” featuring the legendary emcee KRS-One.

With guest appearances on “King Of The Decks” from KRS-One, Sean Price, Guilty Simpson, Bishop Lamont, DJ Premier, Joell Ortiz, Termanology, and the Boot Camp Clik – you know it’s something to check up on.  DJ Revolution has proved – with this project – that he is one of the heavyweights in the DJ industry.  My top three tracks from the album include “King Of The Decks” with Sean P, “The DJ” with KRS-One, and “Funky Piano” featuring Bishop Lamont, Crooked I, and Styliztik Jones.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with DJ Revolution, it’s really time to take a listen to this album.  One of the top 30 picks of 2008 for a reason!

PURCHASE: DJ Revolution – King of the Decks

22. The Roots – Rising Down

This album “Rising Down” is the eighth studio album put together by the incredibly talented hip-hop group reigning from Philadelphia, PA – “The Roots.”  Let’s face it, The Roots are arguably the most creative group in hip-hop today, and always bring something classic.  Black Thought is one of the top emcees in the game, and my dude ?uestlove (Questlove) always rocks the instrumentals.

Black Thought showcases his lyrical skills on the track “75 Bars (Black’s Reconstruction)” – where he spits 75 Bars straight for everyone to follow.  The production on this album is quality – definitely stronger than most.  My two personal favorite tracks consisted of (the title track) “Rising Down” and track headed in the opposite direction entitled “Rising Up.”

Though the album “The Tipping Point” is still my favorite project from The Roots since 2000 (followed by “Game Theory”) this album is definitely a project that every hip-hop music fan should have added to their collection within the past year.

PURCHASE: The Roots – Rising Down

21. Reef The Lost Cauze – A Vicious Cycle

I’ll be completely honest, if I had to pick whether or not I’d listen to this artist based on the name “Reef The Lost Cauze,” I’d probably pass – as would most of you.  With that said, I had looked at some reviews of this album giving Reef high praise with “A Vicious Cycle.”  I nearly passed up the opportunity to give this a listen, but was sure glad that I didn’t.

Reef The Lost Cauze’s ability to spit quality lyrics is unmistakeably above average.  The album features 20 tracks that get torn to shreds by lyrics of fury.  The instrumentals are all quality, making the album extremely enjoyable to listen to for any bonafide fan of hip-hop.

Personal favorites of tracks include: “Thug Fantasy” and “Back At It.”  The dude’s flow is showcased on every song though.  Though this was the first year I had ever heard of the dude Reef The Lost Cauze, I definitely look forward to hearing more music from him.  Depending on who you talk to, this album is a classic.  Worth buying? Without a question.

PURCHASE: Reef The Lost Cauze – A Vicious Cycle

20. Black Milk – Tronic

The highly experimental hip-hop super-producer Curtis Cross returned to the hip-hop scene an undeniably awesome sounding album entitled “Tronic.”  Also behind the production of his homey Jason Powers’ album (which I also recommend checking out).  The production is incredibly diverse on this project “Tronic” and Black Milk compliments his instrumentals with solid rhymes.

Notable guest appearances on “Tronic include Royce Da 5’9” on the track “Losing Out” – which is one of the strongest (and my personal favorite) of the tracks on the album.  Another extremely pleasing track from the album is “The Matrix” – which features Sean Price, Pharoahe Monch, and DJ Premier.  If your thirst for quality hip-hop is as strong as mine this past year, you should definitely quench it by picking up that Black Milk.

PURCHASE: Black Milk – Tronic

19. Termanology – Politics As Usual

Boston emcee Termanology returned in 2008 with his extremely solid album entitled “Politics As Usual.”  On this 14 track album, Termanology lyrically slays the pristine instrumentals that were layed down.  His flow is one of the best in the game, something that true hip-hop fans need to get more familiar with.

Favorite tracks from the album include: “Respect My Walk,” “How We Rock,” “Please Don’t Go” and “Hood Sh*t.”  Fans of hip-hop that are into incredible lyrics with strong production, and non-stop rhyming, should check out this album – as they will be more than satisfied.

A side note for Termanology fans: The track “Guns Gon Blow” featuring production from DJ Babu on the album “Duck Season (Vol. 3)” is one of his best tracks of the year.  And although I’m not going to compare Termanology to Big Pun – he will: “I see myself as the lyrical resurrection of Pun.” – Termanology.

PURCHASE: Termanology – Politics as Usual

18. Nappy Roots – The Humdinger

With undoubtedly one of the most SLEPT ON albums of 2008 comes from the highly talented group that goes by the name “Nappy Roots.”  I was first introduced to the group back when their songs “Po’Folks” and “Aww’Naww” were just emerging and gaining popularity.  Well, in case you forgot about the group (who took about a 5 year hiatus from the hip-hop world), it is time to get reunited through their project “The Humdinger.”

The album really has something to offer for everyone.  Sounds range from the bassy “Flex” – where they say “hotel room for some real good sex,” to the track geared towards the youth / a bright future for all / feel-good anthem called “Good Day.”  Personal favorite tracks on this album include “Kalifornia Dreamin” and “Good Day,” but the entire album is strong from the Intro. (track #1) to “Small Town” (final track #16).

If you are a fan of Nappy Roots or are interested in hearing more of their music, then get out and purchase their project entitled “The Humdinger.”  It’s easily one of the best albums of the year.

PURCHASE: Nappy Roots – The Humdinger

17. Bun B – II Trill

Bun B’s album “II Trill” is a southern classic.  The production on this album thumps hard from start to finish and Bun B’s lyrics are literally “southern smoke” (c) DJ Drama.  Though the album sounds largely commercialized, it appeals to both the underground crowd and fans of mainstream rap.

The album as a distinct “quality” southern sound that is rare to find nowadays in the hip-hop game.  Reigning from Texas, Bun B represents his region to the fullest. Guest appearances on the project include the likes of Lil Wayne on “Damn I’m Cold,” Sean Kingston on “That’s Gangsta,” and many more superstars including Sean Kingston, Junior Reid, and Lupe Fiasco.

My favorite gems on this album include “Swang On ‘Em,” “Damn I’m Cold,” and “If It Was Up To Me.” His counterpart Pimp C would be incredibly proud of him for putting together this classic southern, rap album.  So if you’ve been sleeping on the south due to nursery rhyme lyrics in the recent years, realize that Bun B’s work will always be an exception.

PURCHASE: Bun B – II Trill

16. Heltah Skeltah – D.I.R.T.

Easily one of the most “willfully ignorant” lyrical albums of 2008. The lyrics are focused around violence, acting crazy, and being “hard” – this is the niche of Heltah Skeltah.  With that said, I definitely think it is one of the dopest albums of 2008 for rap fans to check out in order to feed their dark-side.  The duo that goes by the name Heltah Skeltah consisting of Rock n’ Ruck (more commonly known for his solo career as “Sean Price”) did not disappoint with this album “D.I.R.T.” – an acronym for Da Incredible Rap Team

This album was undisputably the single “hardest” album of 2008 as far as grimey lyrics, which is the reason a lot of people like it (including myself).  Though I do not recommend buying this album for your kids, I do recommend that you check out Da Incredible Rap Team (Ruck n’ Rock).

If you are not mentally unstable, definitely not anything I recommend listening to as it will feed your wild side (c) Jack Links.  Some lyrics include: “F*ck a hip-hop, I take ya wristwatch, put ya gun to ya tongue and make you lick shots.”  “Jesus the name, no I’m not the lame on the cross” – Sean “Jesus” Price a.k.a. Ruck. If you can handle violent lyrics and like the griminess that has been absent in the rap game lately, then there was no better album to buy in 2008.  Oh and a side note for all the fans: *Leflaur Leflah Eshkoshka*

PURCHASE: Heltah Skeltah – D.I.R.T.

15. Jake One – White Van Music

If you are not aware of the super-producer Jake One, it’s time to wake up and pick up his album “White Van Music.” The production on this album [from Jake] has an extremely diverse sound that hip-hop needed in 2008.  I wasn’t too familiar with Jake One before this project, but I was definitely glad that I had enough of an open-mind to hear his product “White Van Music” out.

Notable appearances on the album include: M.O.P., Freeway, Brother Ali, Royce Da 5’9″, and even the obscure MF DOOM.  Standout tracks on the album include “Gangsta Boy,” “The Truth,” “Glow,” “How We Ride,” “Oh Really” – with my personal favorite tracks being those from [MF DOOM] the man with the mask entitled “Trap Door” and “Get Er Done.”  Quote to sum things up: “Make no mistakes son, it’s Jake One – he makes beats well like I likes my steaks done.”  Definitely a MUST-BUY album to add to your 2008 collection.

PURCHASE: Jake One – White Van Music

14. Young Jeezy – The Recession

Though I’ve heard a lot of mixed reviews about the album “The Recession” from Young Jeezy, it’s time for me to set things straight.  This album is a must-buy if you’re a fan of Young Jeezy.  All people who enjoy hearing Young Jeezy’s music will like this album.  If you don’t like Jeezy’s slow flow / swagger, you should obviously not review this album – as your opinions will be extremely biased.

With all the self-proclaimed “hip-hop heads” hating on Jeezy, it makes me a little bit upset.  Though I have never considered Jeezy a lyrical heavyweight, I do consider him one of the most talented artists in the game.  He makes music for a direct crowd to “inspire” them and get people “energized.”  You can literally feel the energy coming from the instrumentals that nicely compliment Jeezy’s top-notch ad-libs.

Standout tracks from this album include “Crazy World,” “What They Want,” “Amazin,” “Who Dat,” and “Vacation” – with my top two tracks being “My President” featuring Nas, “Put On” featuring Kanye West, and the Don Cannon assisted “Circulate.”  A must cop album for anyone that’s a Jeezy fan.  Order of recent Jeezy albums for me go “Thug Motivation” > “The Recession” > “The Inspiration”.

PURCHASE: Young Jeezy – The Recession

13. Kardinal Offishall – Not 4 Sale

After hearing a few tracks (including “Burnt” and “Set It Off”) from Kardinal Offishall early in the summer of 2008 that sounded quality, I made up my mind that I would buy this album.  The Canadian emcee who goes by the stage name of Kardinal Offishall, definitely brought the “heatrock” with this solid album entitled “Not 4 Sale.”

I was especially impressed with Kardinal’s ability to showcase his lyrics.  The production on this album definitely was geared towards a mainstream crowd and the streets – which was a phenomenal combination.  The album features noteworthy cameos from the likes of: The Clipse, Akon, Rihanna, The-Dream, T-Pain, and more.

Though there were only a couple of tracks that I thought fell short with production, 95% of the album was nothing but quality, creative, hip-hop with vocals from Kardinal – that sound nothing like you’ve ever heard. If you were reluctant to purchase this project, know that it gets a full cosign from Yung Drew, and that you should add it to your 2008 collection of hip-hop.

PURCHASE: Kardinal Offishall – Not 4 Sale

12. Ludacris – Theatre Of The Mind

Mr. Chris “Ludacris” Bridges tried to make a classic with this album “Theatre Of The Mind” – and I was really impressed with the quality music on this album.  It is apparent by the title “Theatre Of The Mind” that Ludacris wants you to experience the complete album – and created the product not to be experienced as individual tracks.  Each track was meant to be like part of a “movie” for your mind.

The only downfall of the album was that he tried to make a few too many tracks for the ladies.  Though they (i.e. “What Them Girls Like” / “Nasty Girl” / “Contagious”) are all solid mainstream tracks, I felt it got a little bit too geared for the female fanbase.  Not hating on the tracks, as they are all strong, but having them all back-2-back-2-back was a little much for me.

Ludacris comes particularly strong with the lyrics on this album.  Every song showcases his diverse flow and creative lyrics – that blend with the beats, which sounds phenomenal.  Personal favorite tracks included “Undisputed,” “I Do It For Hip-Hop,” and “MVP.” Other top songs include: “Last Of A Dying Breed,” “Everybody Hates Chris,” and “Do The Right Thang.”  So I recommend (in the words of Ludacris himself) that you “use your brain homey, do the right thing” – pick up a copy of this album.

PURCHASE: Ludacris – Theater of the Mind

11. Ice Cube – Raw Footage

The O.G.’s came out from the West Coast to cop one of the realest albums of 2008 from the legendary hip-hop artist Ice Cube.  The album starts out with “What Is A Pyroclastic Flow?” and let’s y’all know what to expect on this album.  The album continues by blazing with the Young Jeezy assisted “I Got My Locs On” – which is undoubtedly one of my favorite tracks from the album.

Ice Cube doesn’t stray from his highly-political west-coast rhymes with quotes like “y’all know what I represent / the only rapper wanna fist fight the president” on the track “It Takes A Nation.”  Continuing, the entire production on this album blazes from start to finish.  Any fan of West Coast gangsta rap music hit the jackpot when they tore open the plastic-wrap on this album.

Since emerging onto the scene (as one of gangsta-rap’s earliest pioneers in the late 1980’s), Ice Cube clearly proves with this album “Raw Footage,” that no matter when he decides to release an album – it will be quality music that forces the listener to view important issues from his perspective.  Definitely what I consider a must-listen piece of music for 2008.

PURCHASE: Ice Cube – Raw Footage

10. T.I. – Paper Trail

This album “Paper Trail” by Clifford “T.I.” Harris was no doubt one of the most commercial successes of 2008.  Initially, I was a little bit turned off to this album by the mainstream sound.  The song “Porn Star” and an initial opinion from others made me believe that this album was going to be a disappointment.  Well, turns out that I was completely mistaken.  The album is straight up banging from start to finish, with a few exceptions and appeals to a broader crowd than just “rap fans” – which is why it was such a phenomenal release for T.I.

With all that said, for as much success as this album has had with the mainstream, I still liked his album “King” more than “Paper Trail.”  Favorite tracks off of “Paper Trail” include the likes of “What Up, What’s Haapnin’,” “On Top Of The World,” “I’m Illy,” “Whatever You Like,” and the biggest banger from the album “Swagga Like Us” (though the charts would indicate otherwise [i.e. “Live Your Life]…

On a final note, this album is a must-listen for all fans of Clifford and all fans of mainstream music.  Those who are not even “normal” fans of hip-hop music or the artist T.I. may still have been able to vibe to the songs “Live Your Life” featuring Rihanna, “Dead And Gone,” and “Whatever You Like” at parties.  Check out the trail of paper that T.I. left – pick up a copy.

PURCHASE: T.I. – Paper Trail

9. Scarface – Emeritus

The artist Scarface put together an incredible album entitled “Emeritus” for a 2008 release.  He has made it public that this may be his last solo-album to ever be released.  If this was his last project ever to be released in his solo career, he went out with a strong bang.  The production on this album is phenomenal, and Scarface perfectly complements it with his rhyme skills.

Though some people may have been reluctant to check out this album, it is classic Scarface.  There are a few cameos on the album, including Lil Wayne and Bun B on the track “High Powered” – which is a banger.  Z-Ro is featured on “Soldier Story.”  This album is all about real talk, and showcases Scarface’s ability to put together quality music that transcends the “chinchillas, diamond rangs, chains, range rovers, blang blang” that you hear on the radio nowadays.

One thing to note is that all that other rappers claim that they are the “King Of The South” in hip-hop, while this man (Brad Jordan) knows who the real king is…. himself.

PURCHASE: Scarface – Emeritus

8. Atmosphere – When Life Gives You Lemons, You Paint That Sh*t Gold

Atmosphere comes through again with another classic effort on the album “When Life Gives You Lemons, You Paint That Sh*t Gold.” Rapper Sean “Slug” Daley teamed up with super-producer Anthony “Ant” Davis to bless the world with another amazing release on the Rhymesayers label. The lyrical punch that this album packs – in addition to the down-to-Earth rhymes, give this album an edge over most other hip-hop projects.

They (Atmosphere) never try to shoot for mainstream appeal, which is why Atmosphere always thrives with their music. People can relate to what Sean Daley says. My personal favorite tracks “Yesterday” and “You” – are easily two of the top tracks to drop in 2008. If you do not have this album, you are missing out on some great music. Get yourself a copy A.S.A.P.

PURCHASE: Atmosphere – When Life Gives You Lemons, You Paint That Sh*t Gold

7. The Cool Kids – Bake Sale EP

With easily the coolest album of 2008 comes from the duo The Cool Kids – consisting of the two emcees Chuck Inglish and Mikey Rocks.  Fresh rhymes, “cool” rhymes, dope beats, and music you can have fun with can all be found on this album. The production (largely from Chuck) thumps the entire time and deserves an A+.  The lyrics are super creative and these dudes know how to put together a dope final product.

My only complaints was that this album (EP) was as short as it was.  I know that Chuck n’ Mikey could have dropped some re-mastered unreleased material that surfaced later like “Schoolin,” “Gold Chain,” and “Unos” – which is one of my favorite tracks from The Cool Kids. Hardcore fans of The Cool Kids will know that the production of tracks and several lyrics changed between the “Totally Flossed Out EP” and the “Bake Sale EP.”

Favorite tracks from this album include: “Black Mags,” “What Up Man,” “Mikey Rocks,” “One, Two,” “88,” “Gold & A Pager,” and “A Little Bit Cooler.” The entire album is the definition of DOPE from start to finish.  I cannot wait for their upcoming album “When Fish Ride Bicycles” – currently set to be released in 2009.  These two “keep it cool like it’s goin outta style.”

PURCHASE: The Cool Kids – Bake Sale EP

6. Kanye West – 808’s & Heartbreak

In my opinion, to release this album was one of the most controversial decisions that Kanye West ever had to make.  I was extremely glad that he released this project, because it turned out to be one of the best albums of 2008.  Utilizing the vocoder (more commonly known as “autotune”) seems to be extremely popular nowadays in the hip-hop industry.  Obviously not every rapper sounds good with the vocoder, or everyone would be using it for their next single.

Due to the extreme creativity, there are closed-minded / “strict” hip-hop fans that will are too “hood” for this album.  And you know what?  I do not (nor does Kanye West) care what anyone else thinks of his music.  He makes quality music for him to enjoy – if you like it, then you like it.  I definitley dig this album – IMO, it is better than “Late Registration.”  (College Dropout > Graduation > 808’s & HB > Late Registration)… Which means that I’d basically give it at least a 4.5 / 5 for a review.

Top songs on this album include “RoboCop,” “Say You Will,” “Heartless,” and “Love Lockdown.”  My personal favorite track is “Welcome To Heartbreak” featuring KiD CuDi.  I can play this album from start to finish (with the exception of “Bad News” and the “Live Bonus Track” (which I feel should have been left off the album). As much as I enjoy hearing T-Pain lace the chorus with the vocoder on mainstream hits, I would much rather listen to an album of all vocoder put together by Kanye West than a project by T-Pain.

PURCHASE: Kanye West – 808s & Heartbreak

5. Q-Tip – The Renaissance

Any hip-hop head will tell you that Q-Tip’s album “The Renaissance” was one of the best, if not the best hip-hop album to be released in 2008.  Before the album came out, I was super excited to hear that Q-Tip was working on a project “The Renaissance”… I then found out that his album was set to be dropped on election day and tried to promote the heck out of that project here on this website – all the followers know that I wanted you to cast your vote for Barack Obama on Nov. 4th, then go pick up Q-Tip’s album “The Renaissance.”  And I really hope that you went out and picked up this album.

Though it is a relatively short album at 14 tracks, each track is of very high-quality.  So if you over hear someone saying that New York fell off the map, you’ll know they have no idea what they just said.  Q-Tip’s album definitely played a big role in keeping hip-hop music alive.  Stand out tracks on this album include: every single track… My personal favorite being “Shaka” – dedicated to Q-Tip’s brother.

PURCHASE: Q-Tip – The Renaissance

4. Statik Selektah – Stick 2 The Script

Most people don’t know who Statik Selektah even is, let alone how to spell his name right (STATIK SELEKTAH)…  Anyways, this album “Stick 2 The Script” gets the most iTunes rotation (from Yung Drew) compared to any other album that dropped this year.  The album is thoroughly enjoyable from start-to-finish with no skips.  For those that know the Showoff Records representative Statik Selektah, know that he does not do the rapping on his projects.

With that said, he laces each track with production that is out-of-this world.  After taking a listen, you’ll know that this man did not at all stray from an incredibly dope hip-hop sound.  Though it has less of a mainstream appeal, y’all better get familiar with Mr. Selektah, because he is going nowhere anytime soon – and depending on who you talk to, his album could very well be the number one album of 2008.  If you don’t already own this album, you owe it to yourself and hip-hop to pick up a copy of Statik’s album.

PURCHASE: Statik Selektah – Stick 2 The Script

3. Lil Wayne – Tha Carter III

With the biggest success of 2008, comes Lil Wayne’s album “Tha Carter III.”  This album was a mainstream hip-hop/rap classic.  If you don’t already own it, chances are very good that you know someone who picked up “Tha Carter III” over this past summer of 2008.  In my personal opinion, this was the single most lyrically creative album in hip-hop for 2008.

Virtually every track is fire.  Personal favorites include “Dr. Carter,” “Mr. Carter” featuring Jay-Z, the mainstream / club banger “Got Money” featuring T-Pain, and undoubtedly the anthem of everyone’s summertime hip-hop collection “A Milli.”  Regardless of the hate stemming from self-proclaimed “hip-hop” heads due to Wayne’s mainstream success, I can testify that this album is straight FIRE from start to finish.  Don’t let anyone convince you otherwise.

PURCHASE: Lil Wayne – Tha Carter III

2. The Game – L.A.X.

This album was clearly one of the best of 2008, and an album that I feel deserves one of the top spots.  With standout tracks such as: “Bulletproof Diaries,” “Dope Boys,” “House Of Pain,” “Let Us Live,” “My Life” and (my personal favorite joint, assisted by Ludacris) entitled “Ya Heard.” The Game put together an helluva album that I consider a MUST-BUY for any true hip-hop fan in 2008.

Raekwon, Ice Cube, Ne-Yo, Bilal, Chrisette Michelle, Nas, and more all make stunning guest appearances.  Don’t cheat yourself by getting the regular version, the deluxe version has over 20 songs and can be played from start to finish without any skips.  Jayceon Taylor is undoubtedly one of the top lyrical heavyweights of year 2008.

PURCHASE: The Game – LAX [Deluxe Edition]

1. Nas – Untitled

Oh, you were expecting Lil Wayne?  You thought I forgot about Mr. Nasir Jones’ album?  Here’s the album “Untitled” holding down the NUMBER ONE SPOT for top albums of 2008.  The lyrics on this project were clearly the best out of any hip-hop project to drop in 2008 and the concept was unparalleled.  Originally, this album was set to be entitled “N*gger” – but due to various reasons, Nas came around and changed the title to… nothing…  That’s why the album is listed as “Untitled.”

This was a project that I had been looking forward to for awhile before it dropped.  Usually, the only complaint I have with Nas’ projects is the production – because I know he always sets the bar high with his lyrics.  Nasir Jones is a very deep individual and had many strong emotions to express on this project.  This album is monumental in the fact that it addresses the word “N*gger” – a word most people are afraid to talk about in the year 2008.  Nasir also takes it further by addressing Fox News (on the track “Sly Fox”) expressing political views.

This SHOULD be regarded as a hip-hop classic.  Nas made history with this album.  The only area that I feel it fell slightly short was in its production.  Tracks like “Make The World Go Round,” “Sly Fox,” “Black President,” and the biggest instrumental (arguably mainstream) banger “Hero” really give music fans from any genre something to enjoy.  One of the top picks (if not “THE TOP PICK”) for 2008 – rightfully so.

PURCHASE: Nas – Untitled

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Posted on December 24th 2008 in Favorites, Music, Top Rap Songs

90 Responses to “Top 30 Hip-Hop / Rap Albums Of 2008”

  1. James B. Says:

    Thanks for the dope list. I have a few of these gems, and I will be sure to keep my eyes and ears open for more.

  2. Yung Drew Says:

    Glad you liked it James.

  3. bill Says:

    Great list, Opened my ears to some tracks i havent heard before.

  4. Yung Drew Says:

    ^Good to hear Bill.

  5. Dirk Dirk Says:

    First of all, The Carter III sucked. Didn’t live up to Wayne’s “The Carter” series. I’ve heard a lot of bad things about Game’s new album, but otherwise it’s a good list. Yeah MURS.

  6. Sam Says:

    Great List. It’s good to see someone compile a list that isn’t restricted by boundaries of independent and mainstream hip hop. This is the kind of open-mindedness that the genre needs! Good job, very few others would have a list with both D.I.R.T. and 808’s and Heartbreak on it.

  7. kris Says:

    This is a great list, another great underground group called CunningLinguists is definitely worth listening to

  8. Yung Drew Says:

    @ Dirk Dirk – Carter III did not suck, period. Until you actually listen to The Game’s new album – don’t make comments…

    @ Sam, glad you enjoyed it.

    @ Kris, I know the CunninLynguists – they are DEF worth listening to.

  9. Adil Says:

    Erm.. Immortal Technique – The 3rd World??

  10. Rahul Says:

    Decent list.
    What about Q-Tip’s Renaissance?
    Elzhi’s The Preface and Evidence’s The Layover were crazy good too

  11. Yung Drew Says:

    ^Q-Tip is #5 – did you read the list?

    Evidence / Elzhi / Imm. Tech. / Buff1’s projects were all dope.

  12. opie Says:

    I didn’t like Lil Wayne’s album either.

    Wale’s Mixtape about nothing was more solid.

    and 3rd World

  13. Harlequin Says:

    finally Q-Tip is getting sum of glory he deserves..

    but what about Common ?

  14. Yung Drew Says:

    I love Common, but “UMC” wasn’t cuttin it.

  15. Jazzy Says:

    Great list, I heart that Knux cd!

  16. Tyler Says:

    Have you peeped Reks – Gray Hairs? Im surprised it didnt make the list with Statik Selektah being so high.

  17. ramz dalastpharoah Says:

    new york haz so much talent but why are dey tryna eay off da same plate ,N.Y stand up an take back what u started

  18. D-Money Says:

    pretty much on point… except that lil wayne should not be on the list.. he’s got the lyrical capabilities of a 4th grade autistic boy.

  19. rap 1st al Says:

    Lil’ Wayne does suck, the rest of the list is basically right though.

  20. Only1Ammo Says:

    Fiya list fam, you got my ears on some new emcee’s. Figure I’ll return the favor, it’s too late to add to the list I’m sure but peep “So dark the con of man” By MadCon. They are from Norway and I got on them from an Adidas commercial believe it or not. The track “Beggin” was on a commercial with Meth, Red, Jeezy, David Beckham, and DMC spinning the party so I HAD to find it. Great list though fam, I’ll be back to see what else you find! Now I just gotta get some spare cash together cause I got a lot of albums to buy….

  21. Mike Dank Says:

    Ya’ll are crazy, Lil Wayne’s Tha Carter III is the sickest Album I’ve bought in years. You put this in the CD player and let it ride! Instant Classic! If you don’t think so, you either don’t get it, can’t follow his genius, or you’re hatin, period.

  22. ATL Says:

    ok for one this list is awesome, even if you think a few could be tweaked stop hating, that said Lil wayne is so big that people just dont like him which is fu*king retarted, if you would actually sit down and listen to these albums, especially the carter 3 then they would blow your mind, the reason you dont like it is because you dont listen well enough to understand, Stop hating cause yall are still riding the marta train and grow the fu*k up and give these guys the respect they deserve for making millions, or in waynes case billions…or at least soon enough billions

  23. skillz23 Says:

    The Cater III must be #1

  24. joonyer Says:

    i’ll give it some credit, and god bless the man who made this list for trying to open yall’s ears up a bit, but i’m stuck in the old school. i think cube should be at the #1 if this list is based on talent alone. he’s one of only a few select men left from the best (and last) generation of great rap, along with tupac, snoop, dre, etc. these men made rap. but as far as modern stuff goes i just don’t think it can compare.

  25. RI's Finest Says:

    I love the list. Opened up my ears to new artists I haven’t heard b4. I would put Luda up a little, i thought his album was a smash. I may have put LAX ahead of my boy NaS but both where classics. I listened to LAX for about 2 months straight, it was too hot to stop playing. As far as Weezy goes, his rhymes are just dumb, however, hes a great artist. I mean he could say the stupidest shit and make it profound.

  26. Yung Drew Says:

    @ATL – some real talk.

    @joonyer – I can def. understand your want for the pioneer Ice Cube to be #1. Thx for sharing your comments.

    @RI’s Finest – Def agree w/ the “he could say the stupidest shit and make it profound”…haha

  27. dopesauce Says:

    Carter 3 was dissapointing. Lil Wayne is a great rapper but carter 3 did not live up to carter 1 or carter 2.

  28. Marcus Says:

    Great list man, I also cannot stop listening to Stick 2 The Script, IMO it’s #1 album of the year. Also, i’m sure if you’ve heard ‘Grey Hairs’ by Reks it’d be in your top 10 maybe even ahead of Statik’s. One more album you might have missed is So Far (The Collection) by the hip-hop duo Inverse. You can hear the whole album for free on here:

  29. alex Says:

    hey drew!yu have a good choice but i wanna ask you wut yu think of em and bis.

  30. Nate O Says:

    Great list, but I do believe that one album was left out. tech N9ne’s album Killer pushes the limit and the standards of dope hip hop today. Take a gander at this album with a who’s who of featured underground artists and larger acts such as Ice Cube, Scarface, Mistah Fab, Shawnna, Liz Suwandi, Kottonmouth Kings, (hed) p.e., the list goes on. And who else puts out 2 full CDs (32 tracks) for one album! Crazy list of producers and more. The title track just slightly displays Tech’s abilities and potential as being one of the top selling independent artists in the world today. And he does it with no TV or radio spots, just the net and touring.

  31. Yung Drew Says:

    @ Marcus – I gotta take a better listen to that Reks. And as far as Statik’s album – it’s completely dope.

    @ alex – did they drop albums in 08? Hmm… maybe read the title.

    @ Nate O – Haven’t had the opportunity to take a listen – but I know Tech9 kills the indie grind.

  32. DGAF Says:

    Not bad. I would have thrown LAX #1 but you cant go wrong with Nas’. But the only thing I didnt really agree with was Jeezy, The Recession is straight dooooope. Should have been in the top 5 in my opinion. But all in all nice list.

  33. BenJammin Says:

    hey sick list, nice to see murs along with kanye and wheezy f and my definite top album this year would be Atmosphere very excited to see when life gives you lemons at 8. solid

  34. EricLaw Says:

    Good List, Yung…

  35. MD Says:

    Good list, nay, for the most part great list. Knux, great album, just solid through, agree with you Nas lyrically is sooo solid but production usually weak. You missed out not checking Tech’s new album. Thanks for the heads up on some new tunes for my house.

  36. Yung Drew Says:

    Thx 2every1 for the (mostly positive) feedback.

    @MD – I’m checking up on Tech’s albie right myow.

  37. snaxkrew Says:

    I hadn’t really heard of many of the albums prior to the top 10, and when I saw the top 10 I was hardly surprised. The top 10 of ’08 was spot on.

  38. Super Producer Says:

    Good List, though you throw around the word ‘Super Producer’ a little much.

  39. Yung Drew Says:

    ^ @SP – A grand total of 4 times…

  40. nrockway Says:

    Kinda disappointed you didn’t list “The Only Color that Matters is Green” by Pacewon and Mr. Green. Aside from that, great list. wasn’t a big fan of tha carter III, though.

  41. raheel Says:

    i just love hip hop

  42. cd222 Says:

    Eminem rule all of them!!!!!!!

  43. Yung Drew Says:

    ^Thx for using proper english… Oh, and especially since Em dropped an album in 2008…SMH

  44. the new danger Says:

    sick man thanks for this list

  45. Drew Says:

    I enjoyed the list, but II Trill should be top 10. Good choice with Nas at #1 I played that album like 10 times the day I got it. Still hasn’t gotten old.

  46. 93 till Says:

    Lil Wayne? Unoriginal, chauvinistic, flooooow thief. Greatest rapper alive? HA! watch this . A lot of mainstream rap has fallen off SO hard. Kanye West is another prime example of a fake rapper. Q-tip sould be higher up. hie-RO yall cant step to this.

  47. Vega Says:

    Ok for real. you should have put Buckshotand 9th wonder’s “the formula” on there along with UMC.

    they both were better than kanye, i’ll tell you that much. seriously……just because i think the album a little below average doesnt mean im hatin or nothin. I only liked 4 songs….thats pretty bad. Can you people stop being biased just because its kanye??? the album was not that good

    And im glad that someone recognizes Untitled and puts it in its rightful place

  48. Yung Drew Says:

    ^I listened w/ an open mind and HONESTLY really enjoyed it. Can people stop being so biased just because he tried something NEW? – It was real good music.

    As far as Common goes, I love him as an artist, but “UMC” had no place on the list. – “Be” on the other hand would have been one of the tops…

  49. Chanj Says:

    Thank you so much for helping me extend my Itunes library with some great music!

  50. Kayos Says:

    Personally, I think Jeezy, Kanye, and Wayne’s projects all sounded horrible. But there’s no use arguing opinion, because it’s just an opinion. There are no facts to it (unless you wanna throw out album sales, but even that can be a shaky ground to base your facts on – after all, people are easily fooled)

    That being said, I agree with the top 2 all the way.
    Probably would’ve had Luda and Nappy Roots way higher than the likes of T.I. (that album was the MOST disappointing of 2008, even moreso than Tha Carter III).

    I mean if you enjoy listening to bubblegum rap bullshit or lyrics about nothing, I suppose you can ride to Wayne and T.I. Me personally, I can’t spend my hard-earned money on such commercial wackness.

    Nas, Game, and Luda all showed everyone how to put out a commercial album and still have a meaningful, tasteful, and bangin’ album.

    (Also think it’s kinda of dumb to put Kanye so high but not put Common up there at all, I don’t see a difference between their two projects – I even liked Common’s a bit more)

  51. Yung Drew Says:

    ^Depends my dude. WAY TOO MANY “HIP-HOP” heads think it’s uncool / lame to even give the mainstream music a listen… I’m glad to be able to enjoy both the mainstream and the less known.

    A lot of the older heads, esp., completely hate anything mainstream – and it definitely pisses me off a bit. ESP. since a lot of people liked artists like T.I., Wayne, etc. before their success and now rip on their latest (most successful) projects.

    Thanks for giving your opinion though. I just couldn’t get into Common’s album other than the single “UMC.” Kanye made a helluva album – from the production to the lyrics…

    I think people also need to be careful throwing around the term “bubblegum rap” – because if you actually listen to an artist like T.I. – the lyrics DO have significance. – Even Weezy on tracks like “Misunderstood”… Whether you can relate, depends on you as a person.

  52. arth Says:

    amen. thank fuckin god NaS was number one. anything else would have been a travesty.

  53. Yung Drew Says:

    ^AMEN to your comment arth.

  54. Podaguee Says:


  55. Mpho Ncube Says:

    Drew wer d Fcuk is Ill Bill on ur list… Wat about J live? Jedi mind tricks?

  56. will///lee Says:

    I agree with list, I would only switch Jeezy from #14 to one of the top 3. The Recession is one of the most lyrical album this year. Put the album in and listen to it, not just Put On & My President. The album is fiyahhh. Oh, and Lil Wayne’s “C3” was a big dissappoint considering it was pushed back for almost 2 years, and most of the tracks contain stuff that was on his mixtapes. He could’ve came way harder than that.

  57. ATL Says:

    ok drew you got me i finnally went and got Statik Selektah album cause i was kinda confused about how he doesnt rap on it how it would be and it blew my mind i spent like 30 minutes listening to each song his work is awesome. thanks for the great find

  58. Yung Drew Says:

    @ will – Thx for your opinion.

    @ATL – I’m glad you got that Statik albie… REAL DOPE music. Speaking of “Stick 2 The Script”… I gotta hear that again right myow. *opens up iTunes playlist*

  59. D-Wayne Says:

    tha carter lll was no doubt in the top 5. And i’m pretty sure it didn’t suck. I’m talkin’ to Dirk Dirk

  60. JohnSteed Says:

    Man, big ups on the list. A very good look at some of the best in hip-hop of the year. While I didn’t necessarily agree with everything (ex. Carter III wasn’t nearly as good as the others, 808’s was… odd.), I understand and appreciate why everything’s there. You turned me on to some crazy good shit with your list. I’m astounded by Termanology’s lyrics, The Cool Kids’ style, and I’m loving this Knux album. Great job, brother.

  61. Yung Drew Says:

    ^Glad you enjoyed it John

  62. bmarr Says:

    Tech n9ne is missing… disapointing

  63. jk Says:

    neither jeezy of luda in the top ten?? that is a real shame with what garbage is on this list

  64. Yung Drew Says:

    ^Your name is definitely fitting for ya comment playboy

  65. Coatesvillain Says:

    Nice list here. I like how it touches on all levels instead of sticking to “underground” or “mainstream”. I don’t agree with all the placing but I honestly haven’t heard most of these albums (I need to get White Van Music and that Jean Grae yesterday).

    I think this definitely proves that hip-hop isn’t dead.

  66. hboombapimnicewiddaraps Says:

    reks shoulda been up there, lil wayne is wack but wha ya gon do

  67. Marcus Says:

    Lots of great albums this year. You can check out my top 50 here:

  68. Yung Drew Says:

    ^really? Plies, T-Pain, Common, Ace Hood and Khaled? WOW

  69. ben Says:

    I think you overlooked a pretty dope album from Lupe Fiasco…A few bad tracks may have brought it down a little bit but what shines is is raw wordplay. I understand a necessity to mention the albums that have the most commercial success, but The Cool had some nice shit…

  70. Yung Drew Says:

    ^Yo, Lupe’s album dropped in late 07… I’d have had that top 5 (possibly #1) had it been 08… Lu’s a personal fav. – been followin duke since the mixtape scene. Check your dates before commenting!!!

  71. Nate Says:

    Drew, i fully agree. C3, LAX and Untitled are DOPE altho their ratings go up and down depending on my mood aye. Definitely top 3, specially game, bringing gangsta back by himself.

    Never really left tho, did it?

  72. Yung Drew Says:

    ^No doubt Nate, playing music to match your mood>>>>>

  73. C.Wallace Says:

    Finally a list that recognizes “Untitled” as the best of 08. There’s no doubt on this one. One of the few 08 lists ive come across that doesnt have “Tha Carter III” at the top spot (WHICH IS A GOOD THING!!!!). Nice job

    Glad to see Scarface and Ice Cube get some credit

  74. Chris Says:

    Nice list.Other than c3 being on their.c2 and c1 were alright but c3 was a f—ing joke if you ask me.Bought it on day one gave it a few spins and then threw it away.Dr.Carter is the only song on there even close to good and it’s still extremly overblown by critics and fanboys alike.
    Untitled was pretty good but I was disapointed.
    808s was hot garbage,so was c3,and so was paper trail.
    808s and c3 were paticulary garbage.808s sounds like a fuckin’ T-Pain lp man how are you gonna put it up there.

  75. Yung Drew Says:

    ^the ONLY thing 808s&HB and T-Pain’s album have in common is autotune… Thanks for expressing your anger towards my top picks ;)

  76. Russ Says:

    Where the hell is Immortal Technique, he’s way better than all these guys. I’m glad Atmosphere made it into the top ten, he deserves it more than anyone and MURS kicks ass too.

  77. Jah Says:

    yo drew this list is dope. i had not heard many cd’s or artist off of here but i check it out and its the shit. i agree that Nas “Untitled” is #1. easy.. but i would have thrown Jeezy up there a lil higher with the Recession. Thats one of my favs of all time. For people hatin on wayne. f-u. that kid can say whatever the hell he wants and as much garbage as u all talk about him.. u know u got his album sittin right in your cd player right now and u are bumpin it like u are hot shit.

  78. Renquist Says:

    Thanks for the list. Very, very helpful in catching up on all rap I missed while I was out of the country. That Carter III is fire. But really it’s all subjective right? I definitely owe you for that Scarface. That goes hard. 808s was so far out of left field from Kanye that I couldn’t stand it at first…but after I actually gave it a chance I started to dig it. Nice album. Definitely gotta give dude props for making sucha gutsy album. And yeah I did not did that new T.I. at all. Man that’s just way too commercial for my taste. I was disappointed in TI vs T.I.P and then he put this out…guess T.I. won that battle after all. I know T.I.P.’s better than this though. Hopefully we’ll be getting a KING or an Urban Legend next time.

  79. Yung Drew Says:

    ^Glad ya liked my picks Renquist, thx for sharing ya thoughts.

  80. TheHiPhOpGoD Says:

    I agree that Kanye’s album was good, but it was ABSOLUTELY not hip-hop like the title implies. I will fight this statement to the death. He barely spits any rhymes and although the production is tight, the is almost no rap found in this album. MURS is extremely underrated and deserves more credit, he’s been in the game almost 15 years. As far as a hip-hop ARTIST goes, Nas cannot be beat. But I don’t think that the production was nearly up to par with this album and doesn’t deserve the title of number one. And why am I the only one to mention Kardinal Offishall is on this list? If your bringing in that kind of hip-hop, you might as well throw in Khaled and T-Pain’s similarly shitty albums. Aside from these issues, I do think that this is overall a pretty well put together list.

  81. david bulnes Says:

    I listen to a shitload of music, including a good amount of hip-hop and rap. You know nothing of what youre talking about if Opio’s Vulture’s Wisdom Volume One is not on here. I’ve heard 90% of the albums listed here in their entirety and Vulture’s Wisdom shits on them all, flushes them down the toilet, finds them at the sanitation plant, and shits on them again.

  82. Bamn Says:

    Nas…Number 1! Definitely. Good list. One notable missing. Killer Mike “I Pledge Allegiance to the Grind, Part 2”!! A definite Hip Hop Classic.

  83. Yung Drew Says:

    ^Thanks for all the comments (whether you hated on the list or enjoyed it)!

  84. JainSoul Says:

    yung drew

    i thought your list was great, all the albums are where they are supposed to be, you bridged the gap b/t underground and mainstream, i dont like the mainstream music so much, so my opinion might be swayed on this, i have respect for all rappers. I dont know if you noticed that lil wayne cannot do a track without using auto tune most his lyrics are ghost written, i used to LOVE lil waynes old music, but it seems he just sold out on carter 3, like i listend to the album the whole way through and it makes me really angry. He is making a mockery of hiphop straight up, i know every1 got there own opinion but compare dedecation 2 to carter 3, like where is the substance at for real? and kanyes 808s i understand the mans struggle and tryn to open to a wider audience, but he DIDNT REALLY RAP IN ONE SONG, HE USED AUTO TONE THE WHOLE ALBUM, like the music he mad was really good, but i dont consider the album a rap album.
    i am not saying its a bad album, because its not, i just think he should have offered more to his hardcore hiphop fans. OO and be looking out for Canibus’s new shit and if u didnt already go cop For Whom The Beat Tolls, Poet laureate and the infinite concept will BLOW YOUR MINDDDDDDDDDDDDD

  85. ariu Says:


  86. Aron Says:

    Awesome list. I happen to have both “LAX” and Nas’ “Untitled”, and gotta say both of those albums are so good. I didn’t know what to expect from The Game, but the album was amazing all the way thru, and Nas did his thing as usual. Still don’t understand why people are sleeping on LAX?

  87. inti Says:

    wtf?! where is the 3rd world, this list fucking sux

  88. thaKIDmumbles Says:

    either way props on putting your opinion and not someone elses…30 albums is a lot.

  89. Mac Says:

    This list is wack. LIL WAYNE NUMBER THREE?! That nigga dont belong anywhere near a top rappers list! And you picked his worst album! Even worse; fucking Bun B? Garbage. Jeezy? Wack. Get this shit out of here, only thing you got right is number one, my man Nas.

  90. ivan Says:

    werez mr criminal,spm,lucky luciano and chingo bling they the best when it comes 2 lyrics and beats but fuck waka floka and young money

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