Asher Roth – “Alseep In The Bread Aisle” Album (Tracklisting)

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Asher Roth’s upcoming album entitled “Asleep In The Bread Aisle” will feature the likes of Don Cannon and Oren Yoel on the production.  Potential cameos include artists like Ludacris and Lady Gaga.  Hit the JUMP for the UNofficial tracklisting!

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“Lark On My Go-Cart”
“Blunt Cruisin'”
“I Love College”
“Bad Day” ft. Jazze Pha
“Be By Myself” ft. Cee-Lo
“Sour Patch Kids”
“She Don’t Want A Man”
“As I Em” ft. Chester French
“His Dream” ft. Miguel
“Leo The Lion”
“Nothing You Can’t Do”

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Posted on February 6th 2009 in Music, News

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