Earl Sweatshirt – EARL (Album Review + Download)

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1. Thisniggaugly (Tyler the Creator)

This track features Tyler the Creator ripping on Earl Sweatshirt with another member of OFWGKTA. The “God Damn” screams in the background are pretty fucking annoying and could have been turned down, but this is the perfect introduction to the EARL album. “This niggas forehead is so fucking big…” “This nigga look like a African poet…” Tyler and the other member tell Earl to “say somethin” but he remains silent. At the end of the track, Tyler reassures the people that “he can rap.”

Rating: 3/5 – Good intro, served its purpose of introducing Earl. It was actually exactly what I expected from Odd Future.

2. Earl

This is the first track where people get a taste of Earl Sweatshirt… He starts the track off saying that he’s “jackin off to buffering vids of Asher Roth eating applesauce.” If you watch the official video for EARL you will notice that he is mixing up a concoction called “Death Juice” which contains: cocaine, marijuana, oxycontin, 2 different types of cough syrup, and beer… Word is that it makes your nipples bleed and will cause you to die!!!  He makes it clear that he hates 2DopeBoyz.com and he says “tell Shakes daughter papa’s gone” because they won’t post OFWGKTA’s music. Anyways, this track is fucking dope and demonstrates Earl’s talented ability to rhyme with demented, gruesome lyrics. Some have called tracks like this “horrorcore,” but Tyler has repeatedly said that they don’t fucking make horrocore. Anyways, this track is a great start to this project…

Rating: 4.5/5 – If you are a fan of this type of music, you will think that this song is easily one of the tops on the album; it is clearly a fan favorite. I personally don’t think it is the best track on here, but the lyrics pack a ton of shock value and it will take the average rap listener by surprise. When I first heard this track I didn’t even know how to react because it sounded so odd…

3. Couch (feat. Ace Creator)

The production for “Couch” is smooth as hell and Earl laces it with some dope lyrics. “While I pop like snap n’ cracks I (eye), so you can see like Tallahass, opposite of cataracts.” The lyrics are crazy which makes me think that both Tyler and Earl take the time to actually write their shit down before they rhyme. In case you didn’t know, Ace Creator = Tyler the Creator (just another alias)… Tyler has “you niggas nervous like virgins flirtin with Uncle Murda” LMAO – that line is way too classic. Overall, this track is a banger and I actually like it just as much as “Earl.”

Rating: 4/5 – Earl is back on his 666 shit with Tyler… Together they go by the collective name EarlWolf. Hopefully the two link up for dopeness like this when Earl gets back from boarding school or wherever he is fucking with the Samoans.

4. Kill

The track “Kill” is yet another fucking banger… There’s really not much to say other than Earl spazz’d out on this one. “Kickin gluteous maximus / killin niggas on accident” is what Earl Sweatshirt says. The chorus says “just watch / imma kill em all” and repeats several times. “Now pan the cameras / back to me and Pamela’s amateur threesome with Hanna Montana’s manager / and Miley feedin me sandwiches for my stamina.” God damn Earl, this track lives up to the name and then some. If you don’t like the wordplay, Earl suggests “bitch eat a dick” to close out the track.

Rating: 4/5 – It’s tough for me to give a track a 5/5, but it’s just missing a little something. The production is on point, the rhymes are ridiculous, but the chorus could have certainly been a little better, but I’m not gonna complain – it’s still dope.

5. Wakeupfaggot (Interlude)

This is basically an interlude on the Earl album. There are some dope horns and piano keys playing while his mom keeps telling him to wake up for school. Earl clearly doesn’t want to get up and at the end his mom says “how bout you wake the fuck up faggot?” and Earl responds “how bout you shut the fuck up mom!”

Rating: N/A – It’s a fucking interlude…

6. Luper

This is easily one of my favorite tracks on the album, and not just because he has a glass of “OJ Simpson” for breakfast… He tells about his mom, going to school, and an ex-girlfriend that didn’t break his heart, but broke his fuckin torso. The instrumental on here is crazy as hell, and the rhymes clearly deliver.

Rating: 5/5 – This track is my favorite.

7. epaR (feat. Vince Staples)

In case you didn’t realize, the name of the track is rape spelled backwards, hence “epaR.” On this track Earl goes “harder than a fuckin crack intervention.” The piano and synth in the background is crazy and the rhymes literally rape the shit out of this instrumental. The chorus is decent, and says “all the bad bitches boo when you rap” and ends with “bitches screamin Odd Future is back.” Vince Staples makes a cool cameo and knows how to rhyme. Although he isn’t as good as Earl, but he’s got a dope style and adds a nice touch to this track.

Rating: 5/5 – Another classic, another favorite.

8. Moonlight (feat. Hodgy Beats)

This is a pretty fucked up track, but the beat is awesome. Earl’s vocals are slowed up and he dances with “the devil in the pale moonlight.” At the beginning of the track, he talks about being suicidal in the kitchen with a “noose and a rifle” when thinking about a normal life. The sound quality/volume on this track was lower than the rest of the album, but the track was still pretty cool.

Rating: 2/5 – Although there are aspects of the song that are cool, I don’t really like the slowed up vocals, low sound quality, and chorus. Not a weak track by any means, just not up to par with the rest. Definitely keeps it 100% ODD though.

9. Pigeons (feat. Wolf Haley)

“The odd nigga wit a spoon in ya Danimals” is what Earl says on this track. He is back to the hard-hitting, shocking lyricism and Tyler the Creator as Wolf Haley joins him. The chorus says to “wave hi to the Ritalin regimen” and “double S shit swastikas on the letterman.” Tyler adds some crazy disgusting (literally fucking nasty) lyrics after Earl’s verse.

Rating: 4.5/5 – They says “kill people, burn shit, fuck school”… shocking to the average listener, but if you know what to expect from OFWGKTA, you wouldn’t expect anything less.

10. Stapleton

I personally think that this is one of the weakest tracks on the album, but no complaining since the entire fucking album is free on OddFuture.com… The beat is highly experimental and although it is pretty cool, I don’t really like how it sounds when everything comes together with Earl’s vocals. He goes off for about 4 minutes and this is a good way to close out this Free EP.

Rating: 2/5 – One of the worst tracks on here… that’s all.

If you like Earl Sweatshirt, then this album is a must-have. I think songs like “Molliwopped” should have probably been included on this project, but you can always solo download that shit some other time. The top 3 tracks if I had to pick would be: epaR, Luper, and Earl. If you want your own copy of this project, you can download it by following the link below…

UPDATE: Download link of Earl Sweatshirt’s EARL album was removed due to the fact that Odd Future no longer offers the projects for free on their website.  Hopefully they put it on iTunes so that the people can buy a mastered copy.  Tyler told you what was up on Twitter, so hopefully you got yourself a copy.

DOWNLOAD: Earl Sweatshirt – EARL Album

OVERALL ALBUM RATING: 4/5The album delivers on lyricism and production. The choruses could use a little bit of work, but you gotta appreciate raw talent when you hear it… That’s how I feel about this shit, straight raw talent from Earl Sweatshirt with Tyler the Creator adding a special touch.

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