Lil B – I’m Gay (Album Review + Download)

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Well the new Lil BI’m Gay album” is out and the release actually took me by surprise. I actually didn’t see much promotion for it and it kind of flew under the radar. However, when people on Twitter started popping off about the album and Lil B Based God, I realized that I had to do a review. Although I haven’t been a hardcore fan of Lil B my entire life and don’t like all of his work, I do like his movement of “goon turned positive.” I also like the fact that he seems totally conscious of the impact that he is having on the game.

Lil B – I’m Gay (Album Artwork)

In case you’re totally ignorant regarding who Lil B the Based God is, he’s an artist from Waterfront, California that was initially best known for being affiliated with the group The Pack (who had their Vans on but they looked like sneakers). Anyways, there has been a lot of controversy as to whether Lil B actually is talented, creative, and makes good hip hop music to listen to. First and foremost though, it’s important to understand that he created a new sub-genre of hip hop called “Based” which is basically stream of consciousness style raps straight from the brain.

There are a few other artists that have attempted this style, but it’s really tough to sound as good as Lil B does since he’s the originator. Lil B is also the originator of the new swag movement, has sayings like “hoes on my dick because I look like (insert random celebrity name here),” “Oh my god Based God, you can fuck my bitch,” as well as “Thank you Based God,” and “swag like Wonton Soup.”  I’ll be honest, when I saw this album title “I’m Gay” I thought it was actually cool and unexpected. Lil B is trying to be groundbreaking as an artist and I can tell that his aim is positive and he’s looking to break down stereotypes in the world of hip hop with this album.  Kind of a change of pace from the track “Charlie Sheen Winning” that he dropped a few months ago (one that I had as my ringtone for awhile, swag!).

Lil B – I’m Gay: I’m Happy Album (Track Listing)

1. Trapped In Prison
2. Open Thunder Eternal Slumber
3. Game
4. Unchain Me
5. Never Gunna Stop Me
6.. Gon Be Okay
7. The Wilderness
8. I Hate Myself
9. Get It While Its Good
10. I Seen That Light
11. My Last Chance
12. 1 Time Remix

Lil B – I’m Gay (Album Review)

1. Trapped In Prison

Lil B starts out the album with a track called “Trapped In Prison” which has a pretty interesting sounding instrumental with what sounds like plucks of a guitar and hand drums playing. The lyrics in this track are basically about being “trapped” in a place where people don’t think for themselves. Basically he addresses the fact that everybody conforms and is afraid to think differently, do something differently, and make an impact in the world. He lets you know about a lot of things that are on his mind as well as tries to drop some words for the wise.

Lil B quotes from this particular song:

“Niggas is trapped in prison, it’s time to live our life mental, physical, all that.”

“You always complain about what you ain’t got, third world countries ain’t even got sidewalks to walk on.”

“I ain’t a drug dealer, I’m just a life liver, like your liver, flow like an open river.”

“If you got a good heart treat yourself like the president.”

The track overall is solid, but not as good as I’ve heard from Lil B. I understand that he’s keeping the message positive, but that doesn’t mean that I’m going to want to keep this particular track on repeat. I’m a huge fan and have nothing but tons of respect for Lil B, but this wasn’t cutting it for me. What shined through though, was the fact that I could tell that his intentions were to make a great track and one that raises awareness about “being trapped in prison” of conformity and the harsh realities of the struggles that human beings around the world face.

Rating: 3/5 – There are lapses in the lyrical flow on this track, but the track has a pretty positive message. Lil B wants people to think for themselves and starts things off on a serious note.

2. Open Thunder Eternal Slumber

Lil B lets the people know that he’s in Berkley California at the beginning of this track going through (riding on the freeway) passing through past Oakland. The instrumental sounds somewhat mystical and the message on here has nothing to do with “hoes on his dick” like previous work. In fact, this and the previous track both are very serious and address worldly issues and Lil B’s feelings about life in general.

Some Lil B lyrics from this song:

“A lotta guns in the streets, shattered dreams.”

“Woulda thought when the money came, my problems would change, step back I acknowledge my change.”

“I’m outta ya lane, you think twice nigga follow your brain, I got rich and I act the same.”

“I had to open up my eyes since I got that fame, sit back in my partners office, laugh and reminisce bout how I took them loses.”

“No sir I don’t believe in Jesus, we a slave to the world and the books and preachers.”

Although I know Based God’s intentions are positive and the message is positive, I honestly wasn’t a huge fan of the instrumental nor the lyrics. I liked the intention behind the lyrics of raising awareness and trying to get people to understand that the world can be tough for a lot of people and there is unfairness that athletes are getting paid more than doctors when doctors are the ones saving lives. However, I thought that it fell short on overall replay value due to the fact that the lyrics are real, but not very creative; instead they’re very literal. There’s nothing wrong with being literal, I’d rather have some creativity included though.

Rating: 2/5 – I give this guy credit for effort, he’s trying really hard and is in “Based” mode. The track is all raw emotion and lyrics that aren’t very creative or well thought out. I also thought that the name of “Open Thunder Eternal Slumber” was super dope.

3. Game (One Life to Live)

The instrumental of this track was much more impressive than the first two tracks of the album. The lyrical content on here was mediocre, but I don’t know what you can expect from Lil B; being ultra-lyrical has never been his style. However, if you are consciously listening and writing a review of the album like I am, you cannot help hearing some lines that just aren’t very creative at all.

“Most people all divided up like a partide.”

“I’m sleeping where the Sharks lie, never see the snake eyes.”

“Don’t try to talk a lot, most people won’t listen.”

“Better live now and go feed your soul.”

“I just stepped in the dragons lair, with smoke in my eyes, it’s no surprise.”

My favorite line (just because it brought back that classic Lil B swag sound) was the:

“Man I gotta be a role model, a hero all above, Lil B yeah yeah yeah yeah, barang darang, swag! Whoop whoop!”

I will say that the sample on this track which sounds like “one love” or something similar (if you know it, feel free to comment about it in the comments section). Even though the lyrics weren’t too impressive, they were real, and I thought that he really stepped his game up on this track. For that reason, I liked this track a lot and what he was able to do with it as a whole.

Rating: 3/5 – This instrumental was significantly better than the first two and more upbeat, which made it easier to listen to, but still wasn’t anything amazing.

4. Unchain Me

When this track started, I immediately felt a connection and really liked what I was hearing from Lil B. As the lyrics started up, I noticed that they were better than previous tracks, even though they were not perfect. Once again, you can tell that Lil B is being 100% real on the microphone and isn’t afraid to express himself and share his emotions and perspective with the people. I honestly think that this track is going to have a positive impact on a lot of his fans and listeners because it has a heart-felt message.

Here are some of the lyrics from this particular track:

“You come in you get ran over.”

“Feel like I’m doing a bid and my mind in Angola.”

“They ask for my money every other day, like I’m asking for something, but when I had nothing they was laughin, they told me that I’d never make it rappin, it brings tears to see em on top, but I told you I would make it.”

“And I wanted to die, couldn’t nobody save me, now I saved my own self and I’m on and I’m famous.”

“And I deal with the haters, ain’t nobody gon take away what I built, fuck the death threats, small impostors, they really got the love, they just choosin that option.”

“I still got the same brain that caught all them cases, I still got the same eyes that seen all them places, but I ain’t never been fakin.”

“People dying for a piece of paper, it’s so stupid.”

“Man you better wake up before you’re dead and surprised.”

“Once you past the bottom you gon get to the top, there’s a lot of hate up in the woods, just make sure that you watch.”

I’m pretty sure I took note of the best lyrics from “Unchain Me,” so feel free to listen for what I quoted while you’re playing the “I’m Gay” album. He selected the right beat for this type of track and I’m hoping that the next few tracks have solid instrumentals as well!

Rating: 4/5 – This is a great song by Lil B with an awesome instrumental, and more impressive lyrics than the previous few tracks.

5. Never Gunna Stop Me

I like the beginning of the track and how he had gaps in the track for interviews that he’s done which are sampled throughout. The beginning he says, “They ain’t gon stop me man, over everything, I do this for love man, I got family out here, Lil B you not gon stop me for nothing, I’m gon keep rockin til I drop, I got y’all back, I love y’all.”  More Lil B quotes include:

“If you say I ain’t real then you don’t trap, from waitin at the bus stop to ridin all black.”

“If God real, then why my friend have to die, sometimes I just gotta ask why?”

“I’m in the hood like ant spray.”

“Remember Lil B bitch as the dude that’s real, let’s get it.”

This track is pretty sentimental and basically describes that Lil B is always going to keep rocking and spreading love to the people. He doesn’t care whether you hate, call him fake, or whatever, he knows what he’s been through and doesn’t need to prove to anyone that he’s real. You can tell through this track that the Based God has been through a lot.

Rating: 3/5 – The instrumental is pretty wicked with what sounds like synthesized string instruments, which I really like; not as good as the freestyle he did over Andrea Bocelli’s “Con te partiro” though.

6. Gon Be Okay

The instrumental on this track is relaxing and it has piano, orchestral instruments, and sounds great. Lil B talks about the world going through a critical change, and that he just wants us to be okay. This instrumental is really creative and I really liked what he did with this one. It’s like a mix of classical with hip hop which I think is really dope. With that said, it wasn’t necessarily an instrumental that’s going to really stick in my brain for the rest of the day. One of the best tracks on the album thus far in my opinion.

Random Lil B quote from this song:

“This song is depressing, but it’s uplifted holding on to my spirit.”

Rating: 4/5 – Another slow song, relaxing, and positive message from the Based God. He talks about changes in the world for the better; cool track.

7. The Wilderness

In similar fashion to “Never Gon Stop Me,” this track starts out with Lil B talking about “based” and having “respect for everybody.” This song features yet another very professional instrumental and carries an overall sound that most rap artists would never imagine using. It’s not your typical drums and bass, it sounds more like something that would get performed in a professional setting; classier than most instrumentals these days.

Here are some Lil B lyrics that I liked from “The Wilderness”:

“It’s all about the Earth, people turn their back because the money and it’s worth.”

“Now I’ll never work just to work, people dying every day just to buy a T shirt.”

“I guess that we gifted, this is one life to live, and I’m gon live it, fuck the critics I’m happy, Lil Boss.”

Rating: 4/5 – This album has such a unique sound compared to most music that I listen to that it’s actually much tougher for me to rate. This track has another very dope instrumental, but it’s certainly not something to get you hype at the club. Rather, it’s something that is relaxing with some smarter lyrics.

8. I Hate Myself

Lil B is awesome for sampling the song “Iris” by the Goo Goo Dolls. I’m a huge 90’s music fan (in fact 90’s mainstream pop, rock, etc. probably trump most hip hop music songs that I listen to today). Anyways, he pulls the part that says, “And I don’t want the world to see me, cuz I don’t think they’d understand, everything’s meant to be broken, I just want you to know who I am.”

He addresses life from the perspective of someone who looks in the mirror and doesn’t like what they see. The media and culture these days really makes it tough for many people, leading to depression, anxiety, emotional problems, and in extreme cases, suicide. This was one of the better, honest tracks on the album.

Some Lil B lyrics that stood out in this track were:

“I’m sorry to all the innocent in prison, you’ll get a second chance when you free or heaven.”

“I promise if you really love and you watch your steps, respect everybody, and you will get blessed.”

“Get your point across without violence, the black guy done buying the gun, I’m tired of crying, I hate myself.”

“I’m not gon rob or kill to survive, everything that I seen was I lie, I’m not ready to die, I love myself.”

Rating: 4/5 – This is one of the realest and is the most impressive song on the entire album. Lil B talks about judgment, the media, and really struggling; leading to self-hate.

9. Get It While It’s Good

When the beat first came on for this track, I thought it was going to turn out to be a decent track, but to my disappointment, it ended up being below average. Although there were a couple moderately creative lines, most of them were not. This song was weaker than average, but here’s one line that I liked because he said it with such emotion:

“Niggas scared to make a difference, bitch I’m back for revenge.”

Rating: 2/5 – The lyrics on this one were subpar, but the positive message or attempt at one on this track has continued. Reasonable instrumental, but nothing special like the track before this one and the lyrics were disappointing even though I could hear the emotion behind them.

10. I Seen That Light

I love the sound of this track as well as the sample that I’m hearing when this track comes on. This was one of my favorites on the “I’m Gay album” and it sounds very smooth. Even if you are getting a little disappointed with some of the songs on here, this is one of the better tracks on the project. It’s tough for me to hate on Lil B since he’s so emotional, spreading positivity, and addressing some real life issues that he’s dealt with.

Rating: 3/5 – Considerably better than the previous track with an awesome instrumental, even though it was pretty slow tempo wise.

11. My Last Chance

Another solid, chill, mellow track with guitar riffs and a nice sample of what sounds to me like classic rock music. It sounds like the sample is saying “still waiting” so I guess this track could also be referred to as “still waiting” as well. At this point in the album, I realize that Lil B has been putting in a lot of work into these tracks, but it’s not typically music that I enjoy listening to in my free time. However, I think a lot of people will be able to relate to some of his struggles and some of the things that he’s saying:

“There’s a lotta shit I’m still waiting for, still wondering, just crying on this notepad.”

“Still waiting on healthcare, praying on welfare.”

Rating: 3/5 – Yet another song that gives you a glimpse of what Lil B has struggled with in life.

12. 1 Time Remix

The final track called “1 Time Remix” is a good way to close things out for Lil B. At this point in the album, I was actually getting bored and hoping that I was going to get a better track soon. I was pretty disappointed with the sound on this track and realize that he kept it 100% throughout this project, but when you’re glad an album is over, it usually is one that wasn’t totally enjoyable to listen to – especially when you have to force yourself to re-listen to it multiple times so that you can write an adequate review (like what I did here).

Rating: 2/5 – The song isn’t bad at all, it’s just that his flow is choppy and not aligned with the instrumental at various points. Additionally, the instrumental isn’t something I’d consider to stand out on this album.

Lil B – I’m Gay Album (Final Grade)

There were things that I really liked about the album and other things that I didn’t like. What I didn’t like was the fact that Lil B’s playful “hoes on my dick cuz I look like Jesus / Matlock / their brother / a surgeon” was gone. I also didn’t like that the partying energy was completely gone and there were no tracks on here similar to “Like a Martian.”

What was really impressive about this album is the fact that Lil B worked hard to challenge stereotypes, raise awareness, and make a statement. Whether he accomplished it or not, Lil B gets two thumbs up from me for pushing boundaries and always trying to expand his consciousness as well as the consciousness of most music listeners. You don’t have to be a hip hop music fan to relate to his album, you can be a fan of any genre.

A lot of people are asking the question, “Is Lil B gay? Why would he title his album ‘I’m Gay’ unless he was gay?” The reason that he did it was to expand people’s minds and make people aware of the fact that being gay is being happy. He knew the title would generate a lot of controversy and he’s certainly not homophobic. As a straight man in the world of hip hop, having the word “gay” anywhere near your work is usually frowned upon because it’s not viewed as tough, aggressive, or tough.

It’s clear to me that Lil B has transcended common discrimination and closed-minded thinking that makes up the majority of the United States populace. People are slowly starting to wake up and realize that whether someone is gay or not has nothing to do with personal preference, it’s all about genetics (they cannot choose to be straight because it goes against their natural instincts). Anyways, back to the album review of Lil B’s “I’m Gay” below I’ve posted up my final grades and ratings. I felt as though it could have been better, but I think that Lil B is constantly improving as an artist.

I don’t know whether he’ll revert back to his old partying style and “fun music” or keep it 100% serious with this new raising consciousness type music. However, one thing that I do like about Lil B is his ability to be bold. He may be young, but he’s one of the most fearless artists in the game. Most people would be afraid for their careers and lives if they named their album “I’m Gay” including Eminem (an artist that had dealt with homophobia in the past, but ended up settling things when he shared the stage with Elton John at one point). Anyways, this album wasn’t as bad as most hip hop elitists will expect. The least you could do is give it a chance, especially if you’re a true Lil B Based God fan.

I’m Gay Final Rating: 3/5

I’m Gay Final Grade: C-

Final thoughts:

I’m still wondering where that Jay Electronica, Lil B, and Lupe Fiasco mixtape or song that’s supposed to drop is because the fans have been waiting. I know Jay Electronica is probably out meditating in Sedona Arizona connecting with UFO’s and Aliens through his third eye, realigning his chakras, doing some remote viewing, and balancing his energies with psychics, but fans would seriously like some new material from him. The idea of these three artists working together is crazy because I’m a huge fan of all three, and lately, as far as releasing material for fans goes, Lil B “Based God” wins hands down; he’s always a huge fan favorite.

I am wondering who produced the album though and/or whether it was Lil B himself that was the executive producer for all of the tracks. He manages to get some obscure beats and I think that the instrumentals are always pretty creative, but not necessarily types of beats that I’d like to hear or that catch my attention as a listener. If you have any knowledge of who produced his work, feel free to let me know.

Oh, and since Lil B is such a nice human being, he decided to hook up fans that don’t have $10 to spend with free copies. So if you follow him on Twitter and are seriously hurting for cash, he supplied a download link. If you are a true fan, I would highly encourage you to buy it or at least go to a Lil B show or something to show support. When you get something without giving anything in return, that’s some negative karma and the energy will flow back out of you in some way at some point in your life. If you’ve been reading my reviews, compared to the Random Axe album, this one really had a way more positive message.

With this album Lil B showed that he had a serious side and that he can talk about real world issues and at least attempt to make a positive impact in the world and minds of the listeners. Even though the music is genuine and full of good intention, I still need to hear something that sounds catchy as far as melodies are concerned, and this album lacked that. Additionally, I think he still needs to work on coming up with more creative lyrics because although they were “real,” they weren’t all too creative. Anyways, Lil B realizes that he can have a positive impact on humanity and he gives it his best shot through this album. In my opinion, Lil B is more mature than the majority of artists these days and is on a great path.

DOWNLOAD: Lil B – I’m Gay Album (iTunes)

FREE DOWNLOAD: Lil B – I’m Gay Album (Free for people who genuinely don’t have $10)

Final words from Lil B regarding the album “I’m Gay”

“Really, the album is going to be revolutionary,” he said. “It’s going to be something that’s like going to change the world. It’s going to spark the minds of people. That’s what I wanted to do, really break down some barriers and let people live life.”  He went on to talk about Lupe Fiasco and Jay Electronica in an interview:

“Me and Lupe, we coming out with something. But me and Jay Electronica, we’re dropping a project. We’re just going to get in that studio and knock it out. He’s here for a living. He’s someone that’s deeper than rap. I think there will be a lot of questions answered on there, on that project. There’s going to be some stuff that’s coming in real soon. Shouts out to Gucci Mane.”


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