Sly Tendencies a.k.a. Earl Sweatshirt – Kitchen Cutlery Mixtape (Un-Official Tracklist + No Download)

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Did you know that Earl Sweatshirt released a “Kitchen Cutlery mixtape” under his old stage name of Sly Tendencies before he dropped the Earl Sweatshirt Earl album? A lot of people seemed to know nothing about him and haven’t really done their research on this Odd Future member. I’ll admit, all of the hype surrounding Earl Sweatshirt after he was allegedly in Samoa at their “Coral Reef Academy” for troubled youth was hard to follow.

There were a lot of journalist reports regarding his current status and a lot of mixed messages coming from different camps. For example, Tyler the Creator would be on Twitter tweeting a completely different story than some journalists claimed. I guess the name of the group “Odd Future” is really fitting for this case because it’s just straight up odd. Anyways, let’s take a look at Earl Sweatshirt who was formerly known as Sly Tendencies when he dropped his unreleased “Kitchen Cutlery mixtape.”

Sly Tendencies a.k.a. Earl Sweatshirt – Kitchen Cutlery Mixtape (Album Artwork ?)

Earl Sweatshirt a.k.a. Sly Tendencies – Kitchen Cutlery Tracklist (Un-Official)

1. Intro
2. Who’s who (feat. Slim Jim)
3. Fuck Your Compression (feat. Gruzen)
4. Tendencies
5. DespaiR
6. Dat Ass
7. Molliwopped (prod. Weird Eye)
9. Outro
10. Sly’s Outro

Where to download Earl Sweatshirt Kitchen Cutlery Mixtape by Sly Tendencies?

There hasn’t really been much unreleased Earl Sweatshirt floating around the internet and it’s really tough to track down any songs by Sly Tendencies (his former nickname). What you can do if you really want his music is search the internet and download each individual track itself. Though they are not all out there, I have been able to find “Dat Ass” as well as “Molliwopped” and “Fuck Your Compression” featuring Gruzen.

I’m sure a lot of people wish that he’d release this old mixtape because he’s still good on the tracks that have surfaced. I don’t know if Earl thinks his raps aren’t as good on this older stuff or just wants to keep it hidden to create more hype or what. Either way, I’m actually very surprised that nobody has been able to find a copy of this tape and put some tracks on YouTube or something in the order in which they were intended.

Who is Earl Sweatshirt a.k.a. Sly Tendencies?

Earl’s real name is Thebe Kgositsile and he’s part of OFWGKTA (Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All). In recent years many people have started to catch on to the fact that this group has a strong movement and that the response to their music has been overwhelming. They have built up a huge fan base between Tyler the Creator, Frank Ocean, and Earl.

There are more members of the group that also are making moves like Hodgy Beats, Left Brain, Domo Genesis, and the list goes on (I’m not going to name them all). Anyways, his debut album was released as free download through the Odd Future website on March 31, 2010 – but many people didn’t really catch on to the fact that this kid could rhyme until he started getting more exposure.

Most recent Earl Sweatshirt Interview with the New York Times

Apparently, Earl Sweatshirt was recently interviewed by the New York Times discussing whether he was forced against his will to attend the “Coral Reef Academy” in Samoa by his mother. The Odd Future group started a “Free Earl Sweatshirt” campaign and they were saying derogatory things about Earl’s mom.  Allegedly, in the New York Times interview, Earl Sweatshirt said that he wanted the “Free Earl” campaign stopped because he felt as though his mom was being hurt in the process.

Tyler the Creator said that in the New York Times interview, it was Earl’s mom speaking on his behalf and that none of what was said is true. So who really knows as of now what’s going on with his situation. Either way, fans of Earl Sweatshirt are hoping that he gets back in the booth as soon as possible.  While you’re waiting for Earl to get back in the booth, go watch the Earl Sweatshirt Earl video again or something.  Let’s just leave it in the words of Tyler the Creator though: “Free Earl that’s the fuckin shit and if you disagree suck a couple pimple covered dicks.”

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