Young Buck – I’m Done Wit Y’all Video (Official + Download) (prod. Drumma Boy)

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Young Buck is back with the officialI’m Done Wit Y’all video” off of the “Back On My Buck Shit Vol 2: Change of Plans mixtape” featuring production from Drumma Boy. I honestly wasn’t even going to post this video up from the Nashville Tennessee (Ten a key) representative because I know that every hip hop website/blog and their mothers will have this posted up before me. But I haven’t posted up any Young Buck for a really long time, so I forced myself to get this up. Drumma Boy is one of my favorite producers and I felt like I should show Young Buck some support because I think he still has potential to succeed as an artist if he gets his act together and makes some lifestyle changes.

Young Buck – I’m Done Wit Y’all Video (Official) (prod. Drumma Boy)

This is a track that I definitely approve of from Young Buck because I think that he chose the right beat from Drumma Boy and went with the right style and sound.  He was dropping some weaker tracks awhile back (2DopeBoyz were posting up pictures of deer/fawns a.k.a. “young bucks” to let the people know which had me LMAO), but he always has potential to make a banger based on the fact that he has in the past.  Probably my favorite all time Young Buck song is still “Get Buck” because I think that beat was straight up insane.  I get the concept of this track “I’m Done Wit Y’all” but is he talking to Curtis Jackson a.k.a. 50 Cent and G-Unit or what?  Because last time I checked up on the latest hip hop news, it was stated that Young Buck still had obligations to G-Unit Records and was not a free agent.

DOWNLOAD: Young Buck – I’m Done Wit Y’all (Song) (Back On My Buckshit Vol. 2 Mixtape)

50 Cent made it sound like he blew all of his money that he originally made on unnecessary expenditures such as luxury items and drugs.  Since I don’t know the full story, I’m just going by what I know, and I tend to trust 50 Cent because he really has no reason to lie about Young Buck when he’s clearly the one with the money and business know how.

Okay, so I just checked out my history and the last time I posted up Young Buck was February 2009 with the song “Let the Beat Rock” off of a project that I don’t even know about.  Yeah I know a lot about hip hop music, but I’m honestly not that up to date with every artist.  There are tons of artists out there and it’s tough to keep track of everyone’s latest release dates especially since I’m only blogging part time here.

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