Jay Rock – Say Wassup Video (Ab-Soul, Schoolboy Q, Kendrick Lamar) (Download + Lyrics)

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Jay Rock is here with his officialSay Wassup video” featuring Ab-Soul, Schoolboy Q, and the almighty HiiiPower Kendrick Lamar. If you know what you’re talking about as far as hip hop music goes, this group is collectively known as “Black Hippy.” I posted my favorite track called “Zip That Chop That” by Black Hippy awhile back, but this is some brand new material off of Jay Rock’s debut “Follow Me Home album.” The album will be presented by Top Dawg Entertainment a.k.a. TDE and I really like what this label has been doing. They’ve been getting support from all the bloggers because they have a team of artists that know how to make some good music. I like all the artists, but Kendrick Lamar is my personal favorite. I know a lot of people jumped on the bandwagon for him after the “Section 80 album” dropped and if you followed suit with the crowd of followers, I don’t really blame you, he’s been awesome.

Jay Rock – Say Wassup Video (Official) (feat. Ab-Soul, Schoolboy Q, Kendrick Lamar) (Black Hippy)

Side note: the video above was done through APLUSFILMZ and everything was mixed by Ali. The thing is, I’ve been up on Jay Rock for a long time now and have been wondering when he was going to drop an album. Back in 2009 I posted up some of his songs including a personal favorite from him called “Follow Me Home” – which is why I thought his album was going to be dropping shortly after. Well, turns out that it never did, but he kept on grinding and representing for the west coast with new music. Another track that I think is awesome from Jay Rock is “All My Life (The Ghetto)” featuring Lil Wayne. I posted up the “All My Life Remix” with The Game, Gorilla Zoe, and Busta Rhymes back in the day, but like the original better with Lil Wayne.  Anyways, this track “Say Wassup” is some fire and I’m thinking that it’s going to be one of the top tracks on the new Jay Rock album…

DOWNLOAD: Jay Rock – Say Wassup (feat. Ab-Soul, Schoolboy Q, Kendrick Lamar)

Jay Rock Follow Me Home album release date

So July 26, 2011 his album “Follow Me Home” is dropping.  If you like what you’re hearing from the Watts California native as far as his vocals, lyrics, etc. are concerned, be sure to go out and cop because he’s been grinding for awhile.  I posted a link to his artist profile on iTunes because when the track is officially released, it will be available for download there.  I checked and it’s not available yet there, but it was on Amazon when I looked with the “Follow Me Home” album artwork…  You really don’t have that long to wait anyways until the album drops (next Tuesday) so don’t freak out if you cannot find a download link.

Everyone (that likes good hip hop music) wants a new Black Hippy album…

Personally, I just want a damn new Black Hippy album to be released at some point.  I know that Top Dawg Entertainment wouldn’t be against that idea and I’m pretty sure the artists are real cool with each other since they are in a group and frequently work together.  They could get some dope production from THC and Sounwave and make it happen and bring some more great music from the new West.  Anyways, I’m proud of all these guys for their consistent grind and Jay Rock for never falling down and giving up despite the fact that he’s been waiting and paying his dues.

I’m going to update things with the lyrics later, but I don’t feel like deciphering them all myself right now, especially since the track is fairly long and they just go around the group and rap in a spontaneous stream of consciousness style, definitely dope.  Some of the “Say Wassup lyrics” have been added below, and I might take the time to write the rest if I get some more time.

Jay Rock Say Wassup Lyrics


They know I put it down now they wanna say wassup
When you see me in ya town say wassup
Rollin round say wassup
We the ones who wear the crown say wassup
That’s wassup
Break it down that’s wassup
Blow a pound that’s wassup (yeah)
That’s wassup (hey)
That’s wassup (yeah)
That’s wassup (hey)
That’s wassup (yeah)

Kendrick Lamar (Verse #2)

I’m ghetto, my Kool-aid need more sugar
5 star suite ya ain’t know sugar? (yeen know bitch)
I’m chillin bumpin Anita Baker
Caked up they wonder why I don’t need a baker
But really though I just need a hater
So I ask em for they number when I see a hater
Ask Obama if I don’t know about presidents
Keep them dead motherfuckers restin in my money clip


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