Yo Gotti – CM6 Gangsta of the Year: Cocaine Music 6 Mixtape (Official Download) (DJ Drama)

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Yo Gotti is here with his “CM6 Gangsta of the Year Mixtape” a.k.a. “Cocaine Music 6 Mixtape” with DJ Drama on the hosting. In case you didn’t know, this CM (Cocaine Music) series is the longest running trap series of mixtapes dropped by any artist. The self-proclaimed K.O.M. (King of Memphis) a.k.a. Mr. All White is back with 20 tracks for the people and tons of features. I’m wondering though when Yo Gotti is going to end up dropping his “Live From The Kitchen album” though because the people have been waiting for a long time…  Anyways, at least he released this project to keep the streets entertained.

Yo Gotti – CM6 Gangsta of the Year (Album Artwork)

Right now, I know that Juicy J (word is that him and Yo Gotti don’t get along for some reason) has been holding it down for Memphis, and it’s nice to see Yo Gotti step up to the plate and deliver more music.  I know that a lot of people may not consider Yo Gotti to be lyrical hip hop music, but there’s no denying that he’s real, he’s from the streets, and he makes that “real trap shit” (word to Trap A Holics even though they aren’t hosting).  Anyways, if you don’t know much about Yo Gotti, I can recommend some of my favorite tracks by him including: “Aww Mann” featuring Juelz Santana, “Look In The Mirror,” “5 Star Bitch,” “All White Everything,” “Sold Out” and “We From North Memphis.” 

Yo Gotti – CM6: Cocaine Music 6 (Gangsta Of the Year) Tracklist (Official)

01. Yo Gotti – Spazz Out Intro [Prod. By Drumma Drama] (4:03)
02. Yo Gotti – Ion Like Them [Prod. By Lex Luger] (2:48)
03. Yo Gotti – Jackin’ 4 Beatz (5:24)
04. Yo Gotti – Grizzly [Prod. By Beatz R Us] (4:01)
05. Yo Gotti – Red, White, Blue [Prod. By Drumma Drama] (3:18)
06. Yo Gotti – Off Da Top Of Da Head Part 2 (3:39)
07. Yo Gotti Feat. Starlito – Who Want It [Prod. By Beatz R Us] (3:02)
08. Zed Zilla Feat. Yo Gotti – Fire That Bitch [Prod. By Quantum Sounds] (4:03)
09. Yo Gotti – Yo Gotti Speaks (0:24)
10. Yo Gotti – What It Iz Homie [Prod. By Kane] (3:37)
11. Yo Gotti – Messed Up (Momma) [Prod. By DJ Montay] (4:12)
12. Alley Boy Feat. Young Jeezy & Yo Gotti – Four [Prod. By Metro Beatz] (4:22)
13. Yo Gotti – Pussy Ass Rappers (3:47)
14. Yo Gotti – Ashamed [Prod. By Shawty Redd] (3:53)
15. Yo Gotti Feat. Zed Zilla & Sylver Karatz – 100 [Prod. By Kane] (4:31)
16. Yo Gotti – Shitted On Em (1:26)
17. Yo Gotti – Gotti Shout Outs (0:52)
18. Yo Gotti – On Everything [Prod. By Kane] (3:33)
19. Yo Gotti – Get Off My Line [Prod. By Lil Lody] (4:01)
20. Yo Gotti – Cocaine 6 [Prod. By Beatz R Us] (3:42)

Who is featured on the CM6 Mixtape?

He got the likes of Young Jeezy, Alley Boy, Zed Zilla, and Sylver Karatz.  If you follow Yo Gotti, you know that he usually works with both Zed Zilla and Alley Boy and has had them featured on his projects in the past.  Out of all the features though (including Jeezy), I think that I like Yo Gotti the best.  Young Jeezy can definitely do it big and has proven himself in the past, but Gotti has been putting out some real gutta music.  I think that if he got all good instrumentals, he could make a really solid album for his debut.

Who produced the Cocaine Music 6 Instrumentals?

He got production from Drumma Drama, Lex Luger, Shawty Redd, Beatz R Us, Quantum Sounds, Kane, DJ Montay, and Lil Lody.  Some of these names are household for sure, but I don’t know who Drumma Drama is (at first I thought it was Drumma Boy, then I thought it was DJ Drama, and then I thought it was a hybrid).  Anyways, I’m familiar with Lex, Redd, Kane, DJ Montay, and have heard some Lil Lody.  I’m going to give this tape a spin or two and see what’s good with Yo Gotti.  You can do the same if you want – the download link is below.

DOWNLOAD: Yo Gotti – CM6 Cocaine Music 6 (Gangsta of the Year) Mixtape (Official DJ Drama)

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