Diamond – Bitch Muzik 4: Poor Lil Rich Gurl Mixtape (Official Download + Tracklist)

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Diamond is here with her “Bitch Muzik 4 Mixtape” a.k.a. the “Poor Lil Rich Gurl Mixtape” as she continues her grind and mixtape series with DJ Scream. Although I’m not too familiar with her, she sounds to me like a Trina 2.0… That’s not necessarily a bad thing since Trina has some jams. She has a lot of aggressive energy though and I could see where some females may like what she brings to the scene. As of now though, I’ve gotta say that Nicki Minaj is one of my favorite female artists (despite the hate). It will be interesting to see if Diamond generates enough buzz to ever drop an album.

Diamond – Bitch Muzik 4: Poor Lil Rich Gurl (Album Artwork)

In my opinion, the best part of the tape = Waka Flocka Flame verse on track “Hit That Hoe.”  I also thought that “Red Lipstick” was pretty legit even though I cannot really relate to the subject matter.  Since I’m speaking on female artists, I will also say to lookout for Cartier Kitten (she’s got some pretty dope rhymes). Just know though that when it comes to legitimate female emcees, I think Missy Elliot, Jean Grae, MC Lyte and Lauryn Hill. Anyways, I figured that I’d post this tape up just to see what people thought of Diamond… With lyrics like “I ball ball ball like my name’s John Wall” – it’s tough to say that she’s lyrical. Even then though, being lyrical isn’t everything these days, but I cannot rock with this tape – it’s just not that good.

A mixtape like this is something that I would probably recommend to my female friends, because I don’t think many guys will really like it other than the Flocka Flame feature.  Maybe I’m wrong through – feel free to check it out at your own leisure and see what you think of Diamond.  Below I’ve included her official tracklist as well as a link where you can download it.  Diamond looks pretty damn hot and isn’t bad, but there’s definitely a lot of room for improvement as far as choruses are concerned and creative lyrics.  Solid instrumental selection though…

Diamond – Bitch Muzik 4: Poor Lil Rich Gurl Tracklist (Official)

01. Diamond – I’m That Bitch (3:21)
02. Diamond – #TeamPrettyBitches (3:21)
03. Diamond – Hit That Hoe (Feat. Waka Flocka Flame) (4:22)
04. Diamond – Diamond Speaks (0:58)
05. Diamond – I’m On One (Remix) (3:12)
06. Diamond – Money In The Clutch (3:02)
07. Diamond – Red Lipstick (3:02)
08. Diamond – Diamond Speaks (1:15)
09. Diamond – Loose Screws (3:25)
10. Diamond – More Than A Crush (Feat. Eboni Luv) (3:14)
11. Diamond – Shining Star (4:06)
12. Diamond – Fall In Love (2:54)
13. Diamond – Off The Meat Rack (3:02)
14. Diamond – Diamond Speaks (0:57)
15. Diamond – Buy It All (5:04)

DOWNLOAD: Diamond – Bitch Muzik 4: Poor Lil Rich Gurl Mixtape (Official)

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