Lil B – I Forgive You Mixtape (Official Download + Tracklist)

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Lil B Based God is here with his new official “I Forgive You Mixtape” which you can download for free if you’re a fan of the #Based movement. I haven’t listened to this project yet, but I’m definitely going to take the time to bump this after I’m done listening and possibly reviewing “Tha Carter IV.” Anyways, with this project, you get 12 exclusive tracks from the Based God. I did write up a “Lil B – I’m Gay album review” awhile back and thought that he was trying his best to keep it positive. I like his direction and message to the people, but definitely rock with his ignorant stuff more than his newly founded conscious ways.

Lil B – I Forgive You (Album Artwork)

I think he can improve at becoming a conscious lyricist if that’s his goal though.  Throughout the past month or so, he did drop a slough of videos including: “Need My Love,” “Where Dem Based Boys,” “RIP The Rap Game,” and my personal favorite “Bill Bellamy.”  The artwork for this project was absolutely hilarious, which is typically is when it’s coming from the god himself.  I have been somewhat frustrated with my YouTube subscription lately to his account because it isn’t forwarding me the videos that have been dropping.

The reason I haven’t been posting like a fiend lately here is because I’m waiting for a re-index of my site into Google.  It got hit with a little penalty a couple weeks back because I was linking to some of my personal sites so that my friends and the people here knew what was up.  Anyways, I learned that you can’t really be doing that or you might get a penalty.  Anyways, the official tracklist and download link are below for those of you that are supporters of Lil B.

Don’t let the download link confuse you either just because it’s through LiveMixtapes.  All you have to do is either Facebook it or Tweet it if there is no countdown timer.  Then just enter some CAPCHA stuff and you’ll be good.  The second track “I’m In The Streetz” is a solid banger with his classic slow offbeat flow.  In short, if you’re a fan, you’ll need this in your #Based collection.

Lil B – I Forgive You Tracklist (Official)

01. Lil B – Tonight (4:15)
02. Lil B – I’m In The Streetz (3:58)
03. Lil B – I Forgive You (3:34)
04. Lil B – Can I Live 4real (4:45)
05. Lil B – Durty Pop (2:17)
06. Lil B – Neva Stop Me (Remix) (4:14)
07. Lil B – Take A Picture BasedGod (3:53)
08. Lil B – Bitch F*ck With Me (3:42)
09. Lil B – Gotta Question (2:50)
10. Lil B – Heard Her Cry (3:32)
11. Lil B – 30 Year BasedGod (4:26)
12. Lil B – Im 2 Real (3:48)

DOWNLOAD: Lil B – I Forgive You Mixtape (Official)

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