Kanye West’s “Louis Vuitton Don” Sneakers Debut (Video)

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Kanye West attends the Louis Vuitton fashion show in Paris, for which he designed the shoes on Jan 23rd… For a few pics and more infa. on the kicks, go here.

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January 23rd 2009 Dope Man Attire, Music

New Eminem Shoe: Jordan Retro 2 Edition [Video]

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Eminem has once again teamed up with Nike’s “Jordan” Brand for the release of new shoes at AirJordanFlightClub, this time to celebrate his new book “The Way I Am” and help out the Marshall Mather’s Foundation – an org. dedicated to helping disadvantaged youth.

The shoes will cost $110 and only 313 (Detroits area code) pairs will be available for purchase.  They will come with limited-edition Air Jordan T-shirt, PLUS – a donation from the Jordan Brand will be made to Em’s Marshall Mathers Foundation…. Picture of the kicks after the JUMP.

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December 12th 2008 Dope Man Attire, Music, News

Ghostface Killah – DownsideUpNYC Collab w/ T-Shirts [Video]

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Here’s a dope collab between Ghostface Killah and DownsideUpNYC… He helps them design some DOPE T-Shirts.  Check out the vid. to see what they look like…  I’d definitely cop if they were at a local store.  I guess they ARE limited edition though!

September 15th 2008 Dope Man Attire

Bun B – Greedy Genius Sneakers Trailer [Video]

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Yes, this is a promotional trailer for Bun B’s new Greedy Genius Sneakers that will drop sometime soon… Be on the lOOkOut if you’re interested in picking up a pair.

September 9th 2008 Dope Man Attire, Music

Big Boi – Sir Lucious Left Foot AF1 Shoes [Presented by UNN] (Video)

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Here is some dope-man-attire for y’all by 1/2 of Outkast…Big Boi!  He shows you his self designed SLLF Air Force 1s…which aren’t even out in stores yet.  I think they look pretty cool, but I’d rather pick me up some ?uestLove airforces…haha  Anyways, peep the vid. and see whatchya think of Sir Lucious’ fashion sense.

Previously: Big Boi – The Big Picture [Part 1]

August 19th 2008 Dope Man Attire

Dr. Dre – Beats By Dre Headphones (Monster Cable)

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Damn. I want these “Beats By Dre” headphones. I hit up Best Buy and the Apple Store a couple weeks back and both said that they should’ve had them in stock. They were not sold out, but their shipments arrived 1 week + late… Anyways, these will run about $400 dollars, but are very high quality headphones designed and created by Dr. Dre and Monster [the company who makes “Monster Cables”].

The $400 Beats By Dre headphones will feature “rich, deep bass.” A trademark by the Dr. Here’s what Dr. Dre had to say about them: “When I’m making a track I’m trying to capture the sound that makes me go ‘now THAT’s the shit! And I want that reaction from everybody who hears it. I spend a lot of time in the studio listening to my music through headphones…with Beats, people are finally going to hear it the way they should: the way I do.”  Feel free to send ya boy Yung Drew a pair anytime…haha Click here to read more.. »

August 18th 2008 Dope Man Attire, Music

?uestlove’s New Air Force 1’s – Official Sneaker Release [Video]

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The Roots’ highly-artistic, dopeboy on the drums, ?uestlove (“Quest Love”) released some new Air Force 1’s.  IMO, they are looking fly as hell.  Definitely gon cop a pair if I can get mah mits on deez.  This vid. shows some hip-hop producers / rappers going in to buy a fresh new pair of these kicks.  Cool little vid here for sure.  Get your dope-man-attire on playboys!

August 5th 2008 Dope Man Attire, Interviews, Music

MURS – New Era Hat

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Murs followed in the footsteps of Wale and managed to get a special edition New Era hat customized for himself and his supporters. Damn, I’d really like one of these badboys… I don’t even listen to MURS much and I think this hat is dope. Hopefully Yung Drew will be able to get a customized one for himself. The Yung Drew New Era would be the true definition of dope-man-attire. Murs for President drops September 30th, so you should all be ready to cop dat ish. Be sure to hit up the jump for more pics… Click here to read more.. »

July 21st 2008 Dope Man Attire

Yes, No, Maybe – New Era “59-Fifty”

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Here is the newest model of New Era hats with velcro ish that you can put on your hat to make customized logos and ish.  Definitely pretty dope.  I really liked this advertisement that I saw in this vid, so I figured I’d post up some dope-man-attire.  New Era has really been putting out some quality hats with awesome designs lately… esp. for hip-hop artists.

July 20th 2008 Dope Man Attire

Ghostface and Hoodman 718 – ‘Bring Da Ruckus’ Shirts

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Here we have the Ghostface Killah and Hoodman 718 Bring Da Ruckus shirts. In my opinion the Ghostface Killah masked shirt looks superior to the 718 shirt. You can cop one of these plain or with an autograph to make this company more money… Cool for die hard Wu-Tang Clan / Ghostface Killah fans…

July 15th 2008 Dope Man Attire, Music