Jay-Z & Kanye West – Watch The Throne (Album Review + Download + Official Production Credits)

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Kanye West and Jay-Z finally released the “Watch the Throne album” for purchase to all of the people who preordered it in advance. This project had a lot of hype surrounding it and although a lot of people felt like these two were under pressure to perform up to standards, Jay-Z said that the pressure really isn’t there anymore (in an interview with Angie Martinez) prior to the release. Then he discussed why nobody has been able to find a “Watch The Throne album leak” online (mediafire, hulkshare, usershare, zshare, etc.). I’m really glad they put a silence to the early leakers because hearing music that the artists don’t intend to be heard in advance is just a lame move.

Jay-Z & Kanye West – Watch The Throne (Album Artwork)

People seriously think they’re cool and in the know for having music in advance or what? You seriously have no special powers; you’re just a lame fool who thinks he’s cool for leaking stuff. Anyways, this album has been in development for a long time and I know that the two worked really hard on being as creative as possible and pushing existing musical boundaries. They worked with a variety of talents and did a lot of recording in Hawaii to get the creative juices flowing. Click here to read more.. »

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Fitz and the Tantrums – Money Grabber (Video + Song Download) (Official)

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Fitz and the Tantrums took me by surprise with their “MoneyGrabber” video when I saw it on VH1 during their early bird videos.  Anyways, even though this doesn’t really qualify as hip hop music, I think that the song is freaking awesome.  Yeah there’s plenty of hip hop to post up, but if you don’t have a good diverse taste in other genres of music, I personally feel really bad for you.  So anyways, let’s talk a little bit about this track “Money Grabber” and explain what it’s all about.

Fitz and The Tantrums MoneyGrabber Video (Official)

Who the hell are Fitz and The Tantrums?

Fitz and The Tantrums are an American soul indie pop band from Los Angeles, California, formed in 2008. Their debut studio project called the Pickin’ Up the Pieces album, released in August 2010, has received critical acclaim and apparently reached number 1 on the Billboard Heatseekers chart.  Since I’ve been totally slacking on other genres of music lately, I figured that I’d post up this track just because I really liked it.  This is a personal blog too and I want to share some of the other music that I like in addition to just hip hop. Click here to read more.. »

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Cami Secret Dub by Jabo0ody Dubs [Funny Ish] (Official Video)

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Damn, it’s been a really long time since I checked out Jaboody Dubs… Somehow yesterday my bro and I started talking about Billy Mays and the first thing that came to mind was Billy Mays’ Mighty Putty dub by Jabo0ody… We found them on YouTube a couple years back and they’re sofa king hilarious.  The guys voice from Jabo0ody is classic, “no more fuckin around with the shirts and pullin on those milk bags” plus it comes in a “grandma style soft lace border designed to turn anybody off.”

Jabo0ody Cami Secret Dub (Video)

Below is the original Cami Secret infomercial commercial if you want to see it. The one above kicks so much ass in the comedy dept that they should be allowed to air these for infomercials on Comedy central or something.  *Absolutely dies at 0:56 seconds in*… All of these $10 look like a grandma, DOUBLE OFFER!  Plus you can get the booby kush by your side if necessary… Ight, I think I’m going to need to post up at least one of their vids each week in order to catch up with all that I’ve missed…  JABO0ODY DUBS FTMFW!

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June 27th 2011 Favorites, Funny Ish

Lil B – Wonton Soup (Official Video)

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“Swag like Wonton Soup, that’s just how I do… then I park my car, then I fuck your bitch…” – Lil B

This track is a personal favorite not just because it’s Lil B “BasedGod,” but because this is swaggin on a hundred trillion. Whoop whoop swag swag, nothing is fucking with this shit. Directed by Peter Chun Mao Wu. If you want the exact lyrics, check down below and see what’s good… If you hate it’s probably because Lil B fucked your bitch. Click here to read more.. »

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Eminem & Royce Da 5’9″ – Nuttin To Do (Bad Meets Evil Soundtrack)

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“My metaphors are so complicated it takes 6 minutes to get applause, and by the time you all catch on…” – Eminem

This is a motherfucking classic… If you have never heard the “Bad Meets Evil” soundtrack, you are def missing out on some classic Em and Royce. Peep the shit above and turn your fucking speaks up. ~Preach

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Wussup everybody, this is Yung Drew just writing to y’all to let ya know that the posting on this site will be significantly slowed or stopped, due to several issues – mainly due to the economy.  Unfortunately, I am in a position where I need to find other work in order to support myself and pay my student bills / loans…

I have thoroughly enjoyed promoting hip-hop on this site, but unfortunately – it doesn’t provide me with money to buy food or a means to support myself.  I also spend an incredibly large amount of time answering emails, writing new posts, uploading new tracks, etc.  Yes, I have always loved hip-hop, (and egotistically speaking) – I feel as though I love it more than YOU.

As far as the website goes:

I have also considered changing things up by publishing a couple of large posts per week with fairly lengthy artist interviews.  I also may start writing reviews for new albums.  I am considering keeping up with a Top 10 list of my favorite tracks each week, and am also considering doing a significant number of interviews with artists.  I am also likely going to be writing album reviews.

I do love publishing what is essentially info.crack (i.e. constant new posts / etc.) – but it takes a toll on me mentally, I spend a lot of time each day blogging, and I feel like the constant publishing of new tracks is unoriginal.  Not that this is terrible, but it doesn’t really provide the site with any unique flavor – esp. since people can download new promo songs anywhere nowadays (i.e. Torrents, FrostWire, LimeWire, and other various blogs).

Running this site has been a blessing, and I am grateful for everybody who has enjoyed stopping by!  I am not going to ever shut it down – as it will evolve into more of an in-depth artist interview blog / album review blog / personal blog.  If I find some dope tunes, sure I’ll throw em up.  However, I just wanted to make everyone aware that I will likely be chillin’ out with posting frequency.  No need to stop by here 10x per day… etc.

I am going to focus on writing more instead of posting links.  If you’d like to work on this blog or have me work for you – just hit me up on the email and we can further discuss.


-DREW Click here to read more.. »

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Billy Mays – Mighty Putty (Jabo0ody Dubs) [Funny Ish] (Video)

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Here’s a pretty funny vid that I stumbled upon that Jabo0ody Dubs put together promoting some Billy Mays – who has nothin but faaantastic products. “A chain, a f*cking chain, you can put your hand under the brick, it works.” – haha

February 27th 2009 Favorites, Funny Ish

Top Superbowl XLIII Commercials: Doritos: Crystal Ball / Bud Lite: Meeting / Career Builder (Video)

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Here are a collection of a few of my favorite Superbowl XLIII commercials that you should all check out if yah missed out… My top 3 favorite were the “Doritos: Crystal Ball,” the “Bud Lite: Meeting,” and the “Career Builder” commercial – which took me by complete surprise over 1/2 way through the game.  Congrats to both teams for all their efforts and an exciting, entertaining game!  Click “continue reading” for other commercials I liked.

PREVIOUSLY: Jennifer Hudson Singing the National Anthem

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February 1st 2009 Favorites, Funny Ish

Barack Obama’s Presidential Inauguration Speech (Video)

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Above (as well as after the JUMP) is PRESIDENT BARACK OBAMA’s inauguration speech – just in case you wanna re-watch it!  EPIC moment in history.  I’m really looking forward to the positive change that Barack Obama is capable of bringing to our country!

PREVIOUSLY: Jay-Z – My President Is Black (Remix)

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January 20th 2009 Favorites, News

Kanye West’s Samples: A Complete Collection (Video)


Here’s a dope video that the homey Dips put me up on.  It’s a complete collection of Kanye West’s samples (for his mega-hit tracks) that you need to check out.  The video was made by a Kanye West fan.  I hope Kanye posts it up at his blog (if he hasn’t already).  Some of the tracks are very easy to connect – while others require some neural activity to correlate.

PREVIOUSLY: Kanye West – Payback f. Sly Polaroid & Timmy G (Unreleased Heat)

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