Tom Mabe – Telemarketers (Funny Phone Call)

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Here we have comedian Tom Mabe messing around with a real telemarketer. At the beginning of the clip, Bob and Tom from the famous Bob & Tom Show are featured talking. They review and replay the recording that Tom Mabe did.

Telemarketers are annoying when you’re already on the “no call list” and they hit you up on the low during family dinner time. Anyways, this is a hilarious clip that you must-see at some point in your life. Watch it now and prepare to laugh… a lot. Tom Mabe is a phenomenal prankster. Undisputed king of telemarketing pranks.

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July 17th 2008 Favorites, Funny Ish

Dipset The Movie: Oh Snap! (Video) (Funny Ish)

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Here we have a hilarious new cartoon called “Dipset The Movie.” If you want a good laugh today, be sure to peep this vid. Appearances include: Plies, Cam’Ron, Lil Wayne, Birdman, Jim Jones, Gillie Da Kid, Webbie (note: his unibrow just like his “Savage” album cover) and more… Y’all gotta check it… effin hilarious right here! Shout out to filnobep for the hookups!

July 11th 2008 Favorites, Funny Ish, Music

Juvenile – “Ha” (Video) (1998)

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Here is ya boy Juvenile with his first hit single “Ha,” back from 1998 off of his album “400 Degreez.” This music video is pretty damn funny. All the “ha” at the end of each line are (in my opinion) straight up dope. This is without a doubt my favorite Juvenile track – vintage shit!! Y’all better recognize who reppin the Magnolia with this shit…LOL… Peep this vid and be sure to get your hands on the download for this song or the remix featuring Jay-Z. Both versions are hot.

Favorite line:You done switched from Nike to Reebocks, ha.” (<<Pure vintage)

July 2nd 2008 Favorites, Music, Videos

Lil Hop: California Love Cartoon (Funny Ish)

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Dr. Dre finally releases his highly anticipated album: Detox. This is Lil Hop “California Love” Cartoon Edition… Appearances include: 40 Glocc, Spider Loc, The Game, Dr. Dre, E-40, Ice Cube, Eazy-E, and 2Pac. The cartoon features voice work by (rappers): Spider Loc and 40 Glocc.

July 1st 2008 Favorites, Funny Ish, Music

Gangster-Ass Laterian Milton (7 Year-Old Hijacks Grandmother’s SUV)

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It sucks that there are kids in our country that are this effed up at such a young age. Here is gangster-ass Laterian Milton (7 yrs. old) hijacking his grandmothers SUV and taking it for a nice, long, destructive spin with his friend who “smokes cigarettes.”

When asked why he did this, he said: “I was mad at my mom” AND “It’s fun to do bad things.” Definitely a kid that needs some mental help… Anyways, though this is a huge act of crazyness… Apparently, he was inspired by games like Grand Theft Auto… W-O-W.

Update: Gangster-Ass Laterian Milton (Strikes Again: Round II)

June 28th 2008 Favorites, Funny Ish, News

Vintage Hip-Hop: Souls Of Mischief – From 93 ‘Til Infinity (Music Video)

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Here is some weekly vintage hip-hop to take you back in time a lil bit. Souls Of Mischief’s song 93 ‘Til Infinity” Has Been One of My Favorite Hip-Hop tracks of all time. Definitely some vintage material that everyone needs to hear… If you haven’t ever heard this song, do yourself a favor right now: play the vid. I got the highest quality video from YouTube to share wit chyal.

“This is how we chill from 93 Til, This is how we chill from 93 Til, This is how we chill from 93 Til… INFINITY.”

Definitely a timeless rap song that can be played any time on any given day and still be awesome to hear. Play the damn music video already!!

June 14th 2008 Favorites, Music, Videos

Birdman and Lil Wayne: A Compilation (Funny Ish) [Video]

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First of all, the set of vids that I’ve compiled here are absolutely hilarious…watch ’em now!! (LOL) Shout out to filnobep and all of the work that have gone into making these – (nice job brosef). The impersonations of Birdman and Lil Wayne (Weez-ay) are dope. If you want to laugh for the next several hours, or longer, watch these vids immediately!

Birdman and Lil Wayne (Part 1)

Memorable quotes include:

“Some time imma take that boy to Sea World.” “I know you like raisins playboy.” “Dem are my cookies playboy.” – Birdman

“Dad, I love raisins.” “I want some cookies dad.” “I want some cooOOOOOOkies.” – Weezy


Birdman and Lil Wayne (Part 2)

Memorable quotes include:

“Playboy, you got snitched out playboy.” “I heard you got a girlfriend playboy.” “I could fuck you up playboy.” “Tell the white girl no Weezy.” “I thought it was me and you forever playboy.” – Birdman

“I cou fix shit, I cou fix shit.” “Aaaaaaaaahhh, aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh.” “Daddy, don’t leave me daddy.” – Weezy

Birdman and Lil Wayne (Part 3)

Memorable quotes include:

“Weezy, ay Weezy.” “Shut yo mouth PLAYBOY.” “Go grab the handy dandy notebook.” “Too good for me now huh playboy.” – Birdman

June 10th 2008 Favorites, Funny Ish

The Notorious B.U.M. – Undisputed King Of The Parking Lot

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This has apparently been on the net for awhile now, but The Notorious B.U.M. is the undisputed king of the parking lot (especially at Wendys). His rap is straight up heat rock. His lyrical ability and ability to sing a quality hook is unparalleled. He especially killed it at :41 to :59! Those are lyrics that need to be tattooed on every real man’s chest.

Though he is a homeless crackhead, he would merk any common day rapper like Lupe Fiasco or Lil Wayne in a freestyle battle. My dream rap battle would be Eli Porter Vs. The Notorious B.U.M. Would Eli still be the best mayne? Definitely, but The Notorious B.U.M. would get closer to winning against The Elicist than anyone else has ever gotten…

June 10th 2008 Favorites, Funny Ish

Mos Def On Chappelle’s Show: A Personal Favorite

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DOWNLOAD: Mos Def – Close Edge (Chappelle’s Show Freestyle Song) (iTunes)

Here is Mos Def performing on Chappelle’s show and I figure that I’d post this shit because it’s definitely my favorite performance from the show. I also really happen to be a fan of Mos Def and especially the song “Close Edge” that he’s performing in this vid. Dave is ridin dirty shakin his head… looking hilarious…Peep this song if you know what’s good for you brosefs…

June 8th 2008 Favorites, Music

The Ultimate Unforgivable Compilation


We all love the Unforgivable vids, so I figured I’d make a compilation of all of them and post em up on Yung Drew. This is the funniest series of vids that I’ve seen in a long ass time… Besides Eli Porter and the Weezy series… (I’ll have it posted up soon). Enjoy this badboy for some good, deep, long effin’ belly-laughs.  It’s a HodgeStansson production – you already know!

Unforgivable #1

Anyways got her number… Went to Chicken Filet, some place in the mall… Anyways smacked that bitch in the mouth…

Unforgivable #2

I’ve been with this girl, my main bitch for at least three months. What y’all watchin hoes? Ohh, Date Movie… Turn that bull off – I brought some movies: Dr. Shivaco, A Brief Encounter, A Bridge On The River Quarry… A LEAN NIGHT!

Unfogivable #3

Hahaha… keep laughin bitch.

Unforgivable #4

Funny, bitch, funny…

The End: Is That Unforgivable? by Gunnar Fritz Stansson & Logan Hodge

Here is a little bonus clip of the Unforgivable series to help promote it. I think it’s more of a ending clip to the series. Update: This isn’t the ending clip – Unforgivable Part A dropped below…. Hopefully they make a part B!

Unforgivable A

Unforgivable A is an Unforgivable that y’all may not have seen. It recently dropped and is really effin funny like the rest. Watch this one and see how you like it!

Bonus: “Unforgivable Rap”

Here is a bonus added “Unforgivable Rap.” It’s an iight mix of the Unforgivable star over a beat made by DRockProductions. The vid is definitely hot, I just wished they’d have mixed it a little better w/ his words and make it sound like an actual song… that’d be dope. A rapper should sample something from this guy!

June 7th 2008 Favorites, Funny Ish