Cami Secret Dub by Jabo0ody Dubs [Funny Ish] (Official Video)

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Damn, it’s been a really long time since I checked out Jaboody Dubs… Somehow yesterday my bro and I started talking about Billy Mays and the first thing that came to mind was Billy Mays’ Mighty Putty dub by Jabo0ody… We found them on YouTube a couple years back and they’re sofa king hilarious.  The guys voice from Jabo0ody is classic, “no more fuckin around with the shirts and pullin on those milk bags” plus it comes in a “grandma style soft lace border designed to turn anybody off.”

Jabo0ody Cami Secret Dub (Video)

Below is the original Cami Secret infomercial commercial if you want to see it. The one above kicks so much ass in the comedy dept that they should be allowed to air these for infomercials on Comedy central or something.  *Absolutely dies at 0:56 seconds in*… All of these $10 look like a grandma, DOUBLE OFFER!  Plus you can get the booby kush by your side if necessary… Ight, I think I’m going to need to post up at least one of their vids each week in order to catch up with all that I’ve missed…  JABO0ODY DUBS FTMFW!

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June 27th 2011 Favorites, Funny Ish

Chili Four Loko (Epic Meal Time) [Official Video]

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In case you haven’t seen these guys on Epic Meal time, this is their “Chili Four Loko” video that’s gotten tons of views on YouTube since it first dropped. There are quite a few hilarious lines in this and the music in the background makes it perfect. You’re probably wondering why the hell I’m even posting this up since it’s not totally hip hop related, and I’ll tell ya why.

The reason that I’m posting up something so completely rando is because I feel like crap today… and I have been the past couple days. So when I recover from whatever I’ve had, I’ll be back to some potent hip hop blogging. Until then, go HAM with that Chili Four Loko.

Anyways, Four Loko is some really effed up stuff. I remember trying all of the flavors back when they had the caffeine/alcohol mixture and it was pretty badass… Definitely not very healthy.

June 27th 2011 Funny Ish, Random

Ryan Mayberry – Cougar Thriller (Official)

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Ryan Mayberry, the Jersey Shore hip pop artist released the track “Cougar Thriller” which had me LMAO for awhile. I’ve gotta be completely honest, I could see this track doing well on pop radio charts if it got the right promotion. I remember the track “Stacy’s Mom” (had got it goin on) back in the day… Although this isn’t the same thing, I think Mayberry could come up with a hilarious video for this if he took the time to do it right.

I liked the little commentary throughout the video. And was lol’ing for awhile after seeing the fact that this kid responded to Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” video and in the footnotes of this particular song, he listed “new song from Justin Timberlake, 3OH!3, and LMFAO” just to get extra views….haha smooth move homes.  If you want some music to listen to while your banging a cougar or after you’ve just banged a MILF or something, keep this on heavy rotation… haha

June 25th 2011 Funny Ish, Music

Jon Stewart vs. Jim Cramer (CNBC) on The Daily Show Interview [March 2009] (Video)

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Here’s the entire interview that went down with Jim Cramer from CNBC’s “Mad Money” on Jon Stewart’s “The Daily Show.”  I really like how Jon Stewart wasn’t afraid to call out the financial advisers for certain networks like CNBC.  I do think that it is unwise to watch financial shows for advice, esp. given the current economy… I don’t trust any of those TV fiends with mah dinero.  And honestly, I think the majority of financial advisers are MUCH WORSE than Cramer.  Somebody’s gotta take the heat though.  Good interview here by Stew – hit the JUMP (below) for Part 2 & Part 3!

PREVIOUSLY: Barack Obama on Jon Stewart’s Daily Show (Video)

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March 15th 2009 Funny Ish, News

50 Cent’s Pimpin’ Curly “The Fast Lane: Curly Gets High (Episode #6)” (Video)

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In this new episode Pimpin Curly gets high like never before and starts trippin… Curly is definitely reppin with the toons (and the sextape), but to be honest, I just wanna hear and compare Curtis’ album to “Deeper Than Rap,” – I think da BAWSE came thru with a quality albie.

PREVIOUSLY: 50 Cent – Pimpin Curly: Officer Ross In To Deep [Video]

March 15th 2009 Funny Ish, Music

50 Cent’s Pimpin Curly: “Officer Ricky: In To Deep (Hey Baby)” (Video)

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Here’s the latest episode of 50 Cent’s “Pimpin Curly” with “Officer Ricky: In To Deep (Hey Baby)”… Also, the sextape featuring Rick Ross’ baby mama has officially dropped.  Not sure if I’m finna feature that on the site.

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March 13th 2009 Funny Ish, Music

Playboy Tre – Ballin On Da 30th Floor #5 (Funny Ish) [Video]

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Here’s a new edition of the homey Playboy Tre “Ballin on da 30th Floor”….haha  Check up and hear what PBT had to say from the 30th!

PREVIOUSLY: Playboy Tre – Ozone Interview (Video)

March 13th 2009 Funny Ish, Music

50 Cent – Pimpin Curly: Episode 5.5 “Curly’s Mad, Flex” (Video)

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See what’s good with Curly in episode 5.5 of “Pimpin Curly” – and be on the lookout for Episode #6 coming real soon!  Also, if you haven’t, be sure to peep the Bawse interview below with Flex and see what was said about the Curly vs. Officer buffoonery!

PREVIOUSLY: 50 Cent – Pimpin Curly: The Fast Lane “Shots Fired!” (Episode 5)

March 10th 2009 Funny Ish, Music

50 Cent – Pimpin’ Curly: “The Fast Lane: Shots Fired” Episode #5 (Video)

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Here’s Episode #5 of Pimpin’ Curly called “The Fast Lane: Shots Fired!”  Check up on Curtis’ comedy game:

Curly takes a new girl away from another pimp, and an unknown adversary makes an attempt on Pimpin’ Curly’s life. Will Curly escape his enemies and the long arm of Officer Ricky and the law??

PREVIOUSLY: 50 Cent – Pimpin’ Curly (Episode #4)
PREVIOUSLY: 50 Cent Introduces B-Real To Pimpin Curly (Video)

March 6th 2009 Funny Ish, Music

The Real: CaPWN’D [Funny Ish] (Video)

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Definitely diggin the title hurr.  The real show you the true definition of getting (Ca)PWN’d.  See what’s good with some hip-hop comedy (on Wednesdays)!

PREVIOUSLY: The Real – CNN Flip-Cam Diary (Vid)

March 4th 2009 Funny Ish, Music