Gucci Mane – My Kitchen Video (Official) (prod. Fatboi) (Lyrics)

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Gucci Mane released the official “My Kitchen video” back in the day on Smack Tube DVD and it is a song that is one of my favorite classics produced by Fatboi. Gucci Mane gets way too much hate for the amount of talent that he actually has… Seriously, there are plenty of artists that get good production and that keep it real, but not all of them have had the same success as East Atlanta Zone 6’s Gucci Mane… Why is that? Because he knows how to ride a beat, adapt his flows, and come up with a catchy chorus. If you actually listen to his lyrics you will understand that he actually has talent. Unfortunately a lot of people write him off because they don’t understand his style and where he’s coming from…

Gucci Mane – My Kitchen Video (Official)

This video takes me back to when Waka Flocka Flame was just a backup in most of his videos and repping for the So Icey and La Flare Entertainment label. When I see people reviewing his new “Ferrari Boyz album” that are giving it lower than 3 stars, I know that: A) They don’t understand Gucci, B) They don’t like Gucci, C) They believe they have superior elitist taste in hip hop for which Gucci cannot and will not qualify, and D) Many of them are closed minded. Click here to read more.. »

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Murs – Risky Business Video (feat. Shock G) (prod. Humpty Hump) (Official Download + Lyrics)

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Back in 2003, the rapper MURS (who I hope you are familiar with) released the song “Risky Business” featuring Shock G and production from Humpty Hump off of his “The End of The Beginning album.” This song is and always has been one of my favorite Murs songs and I personally consider it a classic. The album was Murs’ debut on the Definitive Jux (Def Jux) label and the album as a whole managed to reach #27 on the independent album charts. I know Murs has been putting in work for a long time and has always stayed on his independent grind, so props to him for making such dope jams.

Murs – Risky Business Video (feat. Shock G & Humpty Hump) (Official)

What I love about this track is that the collaboration is perfect because it’s pretty much like natural party dialogue between Murs’ verse, Shock G, and Humpty Hump (Digital Underground legends).  Although 2003 may not be considered “classic” to you, it’s stuff like this that will be long forgotten if it isn’t showcased and brought back to the forefront.  Over 7 years have passed since this originally dropped and I personally didn’t catch wind of it immediately in 2003.  When I did catch wind of it I just loved how natural Murs was able to go in over this beat. Click here to read more.. »

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Krayzie Bone – Heated Heavy (Runnin’ With the AK 47) (Official Download + Lyrics)

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Krayzie Bone‘s “Heated Heavy (Runnin’ With the AK 47)” from the “Thug Mentality 1999 album” was one of my favorite rap songs growing up and I figured since a lot of new hip hop music sucks, I mind as well start posting up throwback tracks. A lot of people are so caught up in the latest music and leaks that they forget how dope the stuff is that is out. Seriously you don’t need to get a Watch The Throne album leak when there is plenty of classic Jay-Z available, just wait until the God damn release date. I’m just annoyed with people trying to hack for leaks these days. Yes, I have access to music before it gets released a lot of the time, but honestly, “release dates” are called “release dates” for a reason – it’s the date that the music was intended to be released on.

Krayzie Bone – Heated Heavy (Runnin With the AK 47)

With all of that said, this track “Heated Heavy” puts most new music that I hear to absolute shame and is Krayzie Bone at his best.  Unfortunately, they don’t have this song anywhere to be found on iTunes for some reason, so I included a link to Amazon where you can download or cop the entire album that this joint is on.  I took the time to find and edit some of the lyrics that were online so that if you want to watch the video and listen to the track above, you can.

DOWNLOAD: Krayzie Bone – Heated Heavy (Runnin With The AK 47) Click here to read more.. »

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