CyHi The Prynce – Jack Of All Trades Mixtape (Official Download + Tracklist) (DJ Scream & DJ Spinz)

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CyHi Da Prynce just changed his name to CyHi The Prynce… Okay I can rock with it. Anyways here his is with his newest official “Jack of All Trades Mixtape” featuring DJ Scream and DJ Spinz on the drops (two of my personal favs… HOODRICH, you already know what it is). As of late, CyHi has been on a mad tear with these tapes… In case you haven’t got his last tape, he released the “Royal Flush 2 mixtape” which I thought was really damn good. Before that he dropped the O.G. “Royal Flush Mixtape” which was also dope. My favorite song from that project was “Ring Bellz.” I honestly think though, that this one, Jack of All Trades is his best yet.

CyHi The Prynce – Jack Of All Trades (Album Artwork)

If you don’t like this tape right here, I honestly don’t know what to say other than you probably don’t really like CyHi. I think that he did an incredible job with this tape and what’s even better is that I wasn’t expecting this to drop at all. In fact, I’ve got to clear some hard-drive space and/or upgrade my computer so that I have space to stay up to date with all of this crazy dope hip hop music that has been dropping lately. Click here to read more.. »

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The-Dream – 1977 Terius Nash (Official Album Download + Tracklist)

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The-Dream just released his official “1977 Terius Nash album” for free download for his fans. There are a total of 11 new tracks for his fans to enjoy. Originally he had wanted his upcoming album entitled “The Love IV: Diary of a Mad Man” to be released on his birthday (September 20th). However, something changed and he’s not able to release it on that date. In fact, it is set to get pushed back to the fourth quarter of 2011 a.k.a. November or December. So in the meantime, he decided to hook the fans up with this project to enjoy for free – definitely a classy thing to do. Plus what’s really dope is that all the files are in .M4A ready to be dragged right into your iTunes library…

The-Dream – 1977 Terius Nash Album Artwork (Official)

As you should already know, he did the song “Murderer” which is featured on the upcoming soundtrack and trailer for the movie Colombiana. I’m glad to see a feature from Big Sean on the track “Ghetto.” There were a couple of features from Casha (who I’m not familiar with), but I’m actually most looking forward to hearing what kind of music The-Dream came up with for this one. There’s no denying that he’s one of the most vocally talented singers in the R&B game these days. Click here to read more.. »

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Lil B – I Forgive You Mixtape (Official Download + Tracklist)

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Lil B Based God is here with his new official “I Forgive You Mixtape” which you can download for free if you’re a fan of the #Based movement. I haven’t listened to this project yet, but I’m definitely going to take the time to bump this after I’m done listening and possibly reviewing “Tha Carter IV.” Anyways, with this project, you get 12 exclusive tracks from the Based God. I did write up a “Lil B – I’m Gay album review” awhile back and thought that he was trying his best to keep it positive. I like his direction and message to the people, but definitely rock with his ignorant stuff more than his newly founded conscious ways.

Lil B – I Forgive You (Album Artwork)

I think he can improve at becoming a conscious lyricist if that’s his goal though.  Throughout the past month or so, he did drop a slough of videos including: “Need My Love,” “Where Dem Based Boys,” “RIP The Rap Game,” and my personal favorite “Bill Bellamy.”  The artwork for this project was absolutely hilarious, which is typically is when it’s coming from the god himself.  I have been somewhat frustrated with my YouTube subscription lately to his account because it isn’t forwarding me the videos that have been dropping. Click here to read more.. »

August 29th 2011 Downloads, Mixtapes, Music

Diamond – Bitch Muzik 4: Poor Lil Rich Gurl Mixtape (Official Download + Tracklist)

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Diamond is here with her “Bitch Muzik 4 Mixtape” a.k.a. the “Poor Lil Rich Gurl Mixtape” as she continues her grind and mixtape series with DJ Scream. Although I’m not too familiar with her, she sounds to me like a Trina 2.0… That’s not necessarily a bad thing since Trina has some jams. She has a lot of aggressive energy though and I could see where some females may like what she brings to the scene. As of now though, I’ve gotta say that Nicki Minaj is one of my favorite female artists (despite the hate). It will be interesting to see if Diamond generates enough buzz to ever drop an album.

Diamond – Bitch Muzik 4: Poor Lil Rich Gurl (Album Artwork)

In my opinion, the best part of the tape = Waka Flocka Flame verse on track “Hit That Hoe.”  I also thought that “Red Lipstick” was pretty legit even though I cannot really relate to the subject matter.  Since I’m speaking on female artists, I will also say to lookout for Cartier Kitten (she’s got some pretty dope rhymes). Just know though that when it comes to legitimate female emcees, I think Missy Elliot, Jean Grae, MC Lyte and Lauryn Hill. Anyways, I figured that I’d post this tape up just to see what people thought of Diamond… With lyrics like “I ball ball ball like my name’s John Wall” – it’s tough to say that she’s lyrical. Even then though, being lyrical isn’t everything these days, but I cannot rock with this tape – it’s just not that good. Click here to read more.. »

August 24th 2011 Downloads, Mixtapes, Music

STS – The Illustrious Album (Official Download + Tracklist)

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Rapper STS (Sugar Tongue Slim) released a brand new “The Illustrious album,” and man it’s dope. I honestly thought it was going to be put out for sale on iTunes, but for some reason, it’s popping off for free through his website… crazy!  UPDATE: You should eventually be able to support him on iTunes (there are “iTunes bonus tracks” listed, so it would make sense that he’ll put it out for sale. The album was recorded in Atlanta’s legendary Tree Sound Studios and features years worth of mastering, music, lifestyle, and experience on the album. STS was featured on the “Ski Beatz 24 Hour Karate School 2 album” and did an awesome job on the song “Moonwalking.”

STS – The Illustrious Album (Artwork)

To make sure that he was on point throughout the album, he enlisted some of hip hop music’s elite artists to help him.  He got Ski Beatz, The Alchemist (AlanTheChemist), Will Power, and The Knux for the production and instrumentals.  He also enlisted the likes of Pierre Medor, Prentis Brown, Dame the Great, School Boy Vic, Kari “Ferrari” Marteen, KP and Malay, Emile, Felony Music, Blak, and BearOne for some instrumentals.  As far as features are concerned, he got Farnsworth Bentley, Count Justice, Dice Raw, Tony Williams, The Mad Violinist, Yelawolf, Jon Hope, and Nikkiya.

There are so many tracks that you can’t really go wrong.  Although I didn’t listen to it in its entirety yet, I think it sounds alright.  If you don’t know what to think about him and don’t want to write S.T.S. (Sugar Tongue Slim) off without giving him a chance, I suggest you start with the track “Sugar’s Here” (song #3) because it bangs, showcases his flows, and lyrical ability.  I’m not going to hype this up like it’s really amazing, but I think that it’s some really quality hip hop music for the people.  I will post up STS anytime he drops something…  Anyways, continue reading below for his words about the album, the official tracklist, as well as a download link!  He has come along way since the “Sugar Tongue Slim – Demand More 1.2 Mixtape” – that’s for damn sure. Click here to read more.. »

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Currensy – Verde Terrace Mixtape [Spitta Andretti] (Official Download + Tracklist) (DJ Drama)

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Curren$y is here with his official “Verde Terrace Mixtape” going by his Spitta Andretti alias with DJ Drama. I love when Currensy stays on the grind because that means there’s going to be more dope hip hop music to post up. Although his “Weekend At Burnies album” was pretty solid, I thought that he could have stepped his game up more. Maybe I was a little bit too critical though, but I’m trying to give honest feedback.

I posted up his “Televised video” from the album awhile back, but I’m glad he released a new project. In a recent interview, Curren$y says that he generally averages completing 3 new tracks every single day, unless he does a feature for a friend (like Dom Kennedy). On days when he does a feature, he generally only drops the verse for the feature and calls it. With that said, his grind is definitely on point and to be honest, he’s got one of the coolest, most down to Earth, personalities out of any artist in the music industry; something that makes him even more likable (no homo/pause).

Currensy – Verde Terrace (Album Artwork)

Some people complain that most of Spitta’s joints have been “sounding the same” or “similar” to his other songs because he has that slow, mellow, stoner flow. To be honest, I love what he’s doing here, but if I had one recommendation for him, it would be to at least try to get some more upbeat instrumentals. I appreciate the slow stoner-esque flow that he’s using, but I know he’s capable of sounding really dope on higher energy music like “Runway” and “Space Shuttle,” and even like he did on “Damier Doobies.”  He is still one of my favorite mixtape artists of all time no doubt (I still think he’s the most played in my iTunes library). Click here to read more.. »

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Evil Empire & French Montana – Coke Boys 2 Mixtape (Official Download + Tracklist)

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Evil Empire is here with French Montana to deliver the official “Coke Boys 2 Mixtape” which has been hyped up for awhile now… I’m personally a fan of the Coke Wave (French Montana and Max B) but Mr. So Wavey is behind bars and I don’t know when Biggaveli is going to get out.  Anyways, this is an official release from Evil Empire and also features the likes of Chinx Drugz, Cheese, Flip, and Charlie Rock.  I have heard of Chinx Drugz because he has done some work with Montana in the past and he sounded pretty cool, but I’m not familiar with the other artists.  The thing is that even French Montana is pretty much “hit or miss” for me when it comes to new hip hop music.  I understand the movement, but sometimes his tracks just aren’t that good.  I will say that the “Cocaine Mafia video” was a solid recent release though.

Evil Empire & French Montana – Coke Boys 2 (Album Artwork)

This tape is actually pretty damn solid, especially from French Montana. Although I’m not going to keep every track, there were a few that I heard and was like, damn this is some good ish from the Cokefiend himself…  I can definitely rock with Evil Empire on the drops too, he does a damn good job with everything and has been on the grind on the mixtape scene for a long time.  I will say that I’m actually pretty damn excited for the French Montana & Waka Flocka collaborative EP called “Lock Out” which is supposedly coming out within the next few weeks… we’ll see if that actually happens – I think it’s going to be really dope if it does. Click here to read more.. »

August 20th 2011 Downloads, Mixtapes, Music

Big K.R.I.T. – Last King 2 (God’s Machine) Mixtape (Official Download) (DJ Wally Sparks & DJ Breakem Off)

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Big K.R.I.T. is back with his official “Last King 2 (God’s Machine) Mixtape” presented by DJ Wally Sparks and DJ Breakem Off.  This is a collection of unreleased songs and features that K.R.I.T. has done in the past year that you may have missed out on or overlooked.  In case you don’t know what K.R.I.T. stands for, it’s an acronym for “King Remembered In Time” which I think is really dope.  In case you don’t know, Big K.R.I.T. is from Meridian, Mississippi and his is definitely putting on for his community.  In fact, there really hasn’t been major moves out of Mississippi in a long time and it’s good to see him getting the support that he deserves these days.  This project is slated to get you amped up for his debut album (dropping on the same day as J. Cole’s) be sure to go pick up both this September!

Big K.R.I.T. – Last King 2 (God’s Machine) (Album Artwork)

Who is all featured on this mixtape?  There are tons of awesome features including 9th Wonder, DJ Khalil, DJ Burn One, Pimp C, Bun B, Killer Mike, Yelawolf, Dom Kennedy, Cyhi Da Prynce, 2 Chainz (a.k.a. Tity Boi), Wes Fif, Rittz, Chris Brown, Wiz Khalifa, J-Dawg, Cory Mo, Mike Jaggerr, Smoke DZA, Slim Thug, Big Sant, Bobby Creekwater, Laws, Emilio Rojas, Rapsody, Big Sid, Self Scientific, and Tha Joker… Talk about a lot of cool features on here to check out.  There are a total of 22 tracks in the lineup and damn, this guy has really hooked the people up with some great free hip hop music.  That’s why I think it’s important to go out and reciprocate by going to K.R.I.T.’s shows as well as buying his album when it drops if you are a fan of his music and direction. Click here to read more.. »

August 19th 2011 Downloads, Mixtapes, Music

The Weeknd – Thursday Mixtape (Official Download + Tracklist)

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The Weeknd (Abel Tesfaye) just released his official “Thursday mixtape” for free download online. In case you don’t know much about The Weeknd, he’s basically a super quality R&B artist that a lot of people love, but he hasn’t really reached his peak yet. He’s from Toronto and is associated with OVO (October’s Very Own) which is associated with Drake. He has a song with Drake on this tape – they are both from Canada and are buddies. Anyways, this tape is the second in a triology with “House of Balloons” being the first project in the series. The following project “Echoes of Silence mixtape” will be released later this year. What’s really dope is that the song “High for This” was featured in the promotional video for Entourage’s final season on HBO (the first four episodes have already aired in case you were wondering).

The Weeknd – Thursday (Album Artwork)

This guy and Frank Ocean are changing the R&B game and are two of the most impressive artists I’ve heard in a long time.  The Weeknd has already been up for the 2011 Polaris Music Prize for their initial album.  Currently, The Weeknd is signed to the XO Record Label (one I’m not at all familiar with).  With that said, I can definitely rock with this project, it’s really damn good if you want to hear some quality singing and vocals.  Although it’s not really hip hop music per se, I still post up music from time to time by artists that are associated with hip hop acts and that could easily be on the chorus of a track.  And sometimes, I just post up a song that I really like… It’s my God damn blog! LOL Click here to read more.. »

August 19th 2011 Downloads, Mixtapes, Music

WALE – The Eleven One Eleven Theory Mixtape (Official Download + Tracklist)

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WALE just released his official “The Eleven One Eleven Theory Mixtape” for free download through Maybach Music Group (MMG) and it’s basically a precursor to his “Ambition album” that is coming soon. This mixtape is also partially due to celebrate the fact that he hit 1,000,000 (one million) followers on Twitter. Shout out to both Scott and P. Smirf for sending this through. It made it’s debut on Jay-Z’s “Life and Times website” and is definitely something that you need to get. Pretty much every single WALE mixtape that I have ever downloaded has had some awesome material on it.  So what’s the meaning behind the 11:1:11 title?  I think maybe that’s the release date of his album? November 1, 2011… Just a guess though.  It could be some hidden lightworkers symbol (but I doubt that considering he’s rolling with Maybach Music and hitting up strip clubs in his free time)… Anyone is free to throw out symbols with hidden meaning, regardless of whether they live up to them.

WALE – The Eleven One Eleven Theory (Album Artwork)

As you can see by the tracklist, a lot of the instrumentals were produced by BKStoneP (BK Stone P) and he also had production from Deputy, BuBu, DJ Toomp, Hit-Boy, Lil C, and Sonny Digital. Guest apperances on this tape included Tre of UCB, Magazeen, Lloyd, J. Holiday, Black Cobain, to Lil Duval. He didn’t get too many features and kept most of them within his own clique. I was kind of surprised to see that there weren’t any features from Meek Mill, Pill, STALLEY, Rick Ross, or other artists from Maybach Music Group, but I’m hoping that he sticks to his old style for the “Ambition album.” I’m personally a fan of the “go go” sound from the DMV area and wish he could continue in that direction. I know it’s in his roots and I know that he’s capable of making some phenomenal music. Click here to read more.. »

August 17th 2011 Downloads, Mixtapes, Music