R.I.P. Yung Drew

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This website has been dead for a minute… actually it’s been dead for a few years.  It started back in 2006 or whatever and it’s 2014.  I don’t know what to say other than it was fun while it lasted.  I logged into my wordpress and nothing but spam was lacing the comments.  This site was cool, but it needed a name change.  It was basically like Tity Boi.  Now I am upgrading my domain name to the same caliber as 2 Chainz.  I have found what works, what doesn’t work, and am prepared to take over the internet or at least shove some new shit down the throats of the general public.  I am ready to go beast mode.

I will never grind or work as hard as I did on this website, but I can make my new one a bit smarter.  It has an element of personality and anonymity at the same (damn) time.  Just figured I’d post here and let the homies know what’s goodie (mob).

January 23rd 2014 Random

Chili Four Loko (Epic Meal Time) [Official Video]

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In case you haven’t seen these guys on Epic Meal time, this is their “Chili Four Loko” video that’s gotten tons of views on YouTube since it first dropped. There are quite a few hilarious lines in this and the music in the background makes it perfect. You’re probably wondering why the hell I’m even posting this up since it’s not totally hip hop related, and I’ll tell ya why.

The reason that I’m posting up something so completely rando is because I feel like crap today… and I have been the past couple days. So when I recover from whatever I’ve had, I’ll be back to some potent hip hop blogging. Until then, go HAM with that Chili Four Loko.

Anyways, Four Loko is some really effed up stuff. I remember trying all of the flavors back when they had the caffeine/alcohol mixture and it was pretty badass… Definitely not very healthy.

June 27th 2011 Funny Ish, Random