Rick Ross – Deeper Than Rap (Album Packaging: Behind The Scenes) [Video]

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Here’s some behind the scenes footage of Rick Ross’ “Deeper Than Rap” album packaging courtesy of BoBO!  I think the album will be a quality product from Da Bawse – based on what I’ve heard thus far.  I know though, that errybody is playin that Boss’ baby mama’s sex tape courtesy of Curtis.

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March 13th 2009 Music

cARTer – Inked Magazine (Behind The Scenes) (Video)

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Here’s some cARTer with some Inked Magazine / VIMBY behind the scenes footage.  Below is the description:

Carter recently was selected by Vimby.com & Inked Magazine to be in a photoshoot for his tattoos. Notice the recent work done by Menso of Heritage Tattoos and The Seventh Letter of the The Carter Family Reunion original Artwork done by Retna also of Seventh Letter fame.

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March 11th 2009 Music

Joe Budden – Exxxes (Behind The Scenes) [Video]

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Above is some quality behind the scenes footage of Joe Budden’s track “Exxxes” off of his “Padded Room” album – which is in stores now!

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March 9th 2009 Music

H.O.P.E. – Nightlife [Behind The Scenes] (Video)

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The other Drew from MyCypher shot over some footage of H.O.P.E.’s video shoot for the dope track “Nightlife” – which ya should be familiar with. A ton of other dope LA artists came to support / show love. See wussup.

PREVIOUSLY: HOPE – Night Life (prod. Van Clayton & N/A)

March 9th 2009 Music

Fat Joe – Cupcakes [Behind The Scenes] (Video)

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Behind the scenes look at Fat Joe’s single “Cupcakes” featuring Ben Soir from his ninth studio album Jealous Ones Still Envy 2 (J.O.S.E. 2) – which is a sequel to his multi-platinum album J.O.S.E.. The album is scheduled for a release on April 7, 2009. The music video for “Cupcakes” is coming soon.  See what’s good wit the Elephant in the Room.

PREVIOUSLY: Fat Joe’s Interview w/ Angie Martinez (Video)

March 7th 2009 Interviews, Music

Slaughterhouse – Move On (Behind The Scenes) [Video]

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Above is some behind the scenes footage from the track “Move On.”  Joe Budden TV up there, you already know what it iz!

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March 5th 2009 Music

Raekwon – Wu-Ooh (Behind The Scenes) [Video]

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Digiwaxx media had the opportunity to catch up with Raekwon while he was getting an edge up for his video shoot and talk about the new album.  Above is some footage, and after the JUMP you can find more footage – see what’s good!

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March 4th 2009 Music

Keelay & Zaire – Alright With Me f. D-Minor & Phonte: Behind The Scenes (Video)

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VIMBY – Keelay & Zaire

Keelay & Zaire are doin it real big on the “Alright With Me” video shoot. D-Minor and Phonte are reppin there too. Be sure to cop their album “Ridin’ High” and help show love to the artists like this duo puttin out quality hip-hop! Chuuuuuch.

PREVIOUSLY: Keelay & Zaire – Ridin’ High (Album Sampler)

February 26th 2009 Music

Rick Ross – Magnificent (Behind The Scenes) (Video)

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Some behind the scenes footage courtesy of FreddyFredTV for Rick Ross’ latest “Magnificent” music video. Be on the lookout for this vid and Deeper Than Rap on March 24th!

PREVIOUSLY: Rick Ross – Believe It f. Ball Greezy

February 23rd 2009 Music

8thW1 – Drunken Saturday (Behind The Scenes) [Video]

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Here goes some behind the scenes footage for the music vid. for 8thW1’s track “Drunken Saturday” off of his album lovemoneyandmusic.  Check up on it!

PREVIOUSLY: 8thW1 – Sound Quality Convo

February 15th 2009 Music