Waka Flocka Flame Biography

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Waka Flocka Flame was born on May 31, 1986 as Juaquin Bertholimule Malphurs in South Jamaica, Queens, NY. He is currently associated with the labels 1017 Brick Squad, Warner Bros, and Mizay Entertainment.  Additionally, he has a movement within 1017 Brick Squad called Brick Squad Mafia or BSM. Although Waka Flocka was born in New York City, New York, but moved at a young age to Riverdale, Georgia on Grove Street in Clayco county.

Originally, he was hustling in Atlanta for a long time until he got a big break through the artist Gucci Mane. When he first started, he didn’t have much experience rapping and Gucci Mane encouraged him to keep going with his music career. At the time, Debra Antney (Waka Flocka’s mom) was managing Gucci Mane, which is how the two artists met.

How did Waka Flocka Flame get his nickname?

It has been said that he got the name “Waka” from his cousin because he reminded him of Fozzie Bear on the show the muppets who always used “Waka Waka” as his catchphrase. Gucci Mane was the first to start calling him Flocka, so originally his nickname was just Waka Flocka. However, after Gucci Mane heard his rhymes and thought that they were hot, he started calling him “Flocka Flame.” So that’s basically the synopsis of how the stage name originated.

Waka Flocka’s mixtapes helped build buzz

In 2008 was when Waka Flocka Flame first started hitting the scene really hard with his aggressive new school southern crunk sound. He teamed up with DJ Teknikz for the release of the mixtape known as “Lebron Flocka James” and the response from the streets was crazy. It included songs such as: “O Let’s Do It,” “Head First,” “Flexxin,” and “Off Da Chain.” His grind would not stop with just one mixtape though. He went on to release a sequel to Lebron Flocka James called “Lebron Flocka James 2” as well as countless more tapes. Click here to read more.. »

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