Chris Webby – Block To The Burbs Video (feat. Freeway) (Official Download + Lyrics)

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Chris Webby released his official “Block To The Burbs video” with Freeway which I can respect. This was off of his “Websters Laboratory mixtape” which dropped earlier this summer with DJ Ill Will & DJ Rockstar… Speaking of collaborations that Freeway has done with white rappers, I mind as well mention the fact that he did a (really dope) track with Mac Miller called “P.A.” (because they are both from Pennsylvania) – and that track features production from Statik Selektah. Anyways, Chris Webby is slowly climbing his way outta the suburbs of Connecticut (CT) and has some pretty fly rhymes. I try to keep the hate minimal here, but I will call out rappers when I think they are wack or make a wack track… Anyways, check the video below to see what’s good with “Block to the Burbs.”

Chris Webby – Block To The Burbs Video (Official)

Okay so where does Chris Webby rank compared to rappers like Asher Roth, Mac Miller and Sam Adams? IDK, I don’t know why these new white rappers think they need to beef with anyone to get into the game… Seriously just stay in your own lane and make good music. At the end of the day, people would rather hear new dope hip hop music than drama and beef. If I honestly had to rank white rappers, Eminem literally stomps everyone so far down the totem that it isn’t even close. I do like Yelawolf a lot too, but he’s not really a young’n like these guys… Asher is still the best young white rapper IMO, but that doesn’t really matter at all… Click here to read more.. »

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Freeway & Jake One – “The Stimulus Package” Album Coming (Video)

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Freeway & Jake One are teaming up together to bring you “The Stimulus Package”- the album, slated to drop this summer. Also, make sure you check out the movie “What We Do is Wrong” – it’ll be coming out April 21st, 2009.  EARLY!

PREVIOUSLY: Freeway – Car Jack (prod. Statik Selektah)

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Freeway – Car Jack (prod. Statik Selektah)

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I’m throwing this up as a reminder to check out Statik Selektah’s “Grand Theft Auto: Lost & Damned EP” project on iTunes. I thought that this joint by Freeway called “Car Jack” was straight flames. This is the clean version – so take a listen and BUY the EP if you haven’t already!

DOWNLOAD: Freeway – Car Jack (prod. Statik Selektah)
PREVIOUSLY: Freeway – What He Wouldn’t Ever Do (Vid)

February 24th 2009 Downloads, Music

Freeway – What He Wouldn’t Do For $1 Billion Dollars (Video)

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Here’s footage of Freeway letting y’all know what he would NOT do for $1 billion dollars… Vladtv with the exclusive.  I’m a lil bit disappointed (as is e’rrybody else) who thought they’d be able to catch the live stream of Slaughterhouse…. Whatevs though, I’m sure it was dope.

PREVIOUSLY: Freeway – Hustler’s Life

January 22nd 2009 Interviews, Music

Freeway – Hustler’s Life f. Rita Tyler (of Trillogy)

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Freeway is back with “Hustler’s Life” featuring Rita Tyler (of Trillogy).  F_R_E_E_ isn’t slowing down in 09 – so expect duke to be coming around with plenty more dopeness throughout the year!

DOWNLOAD: Freeway – Hustler’s Life f. Rita Tyler (of Trillogy)
PREVIOUSLY: Freeway – Next Up (prod. Blunt)

January 22nd 2009 Downloads, Music

Carlito Rossi, D12, Freeway, Roccett & Cashis – Hater In The Club (Remix)

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Carlito’s got the likes of D12, Freeway, Roccett, and Cashis for the official “Hater In The Club (Remix)” that was shot over by MediaStar! Check it out and see what ya think – also, be sure to be on the lookout for the “Carlito’s Way” LP if you’re likin the track.

DOWNLOAD: Carlito Rossi, D12, Freeway, Roccett & Cashis – Hater in The Club (Remix)
PREVIOUSLY: Carlito Rossi – City On The Map

January 22nd 2009 Downloads, Music

Freeway – Next Up (prod. Blunt)

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Not much to say here other than another dope track from Freeway. Duke’s grind has been unparalleled over the past month or so…. Take a listen to “Next Up” – which features production from the dude Blunt.  FREE!

DOWNLOAD: Freeway – Next Up (prod. Blunt)
PREVIOUSLY: Freeway – Blame It (Freemix)

January 15th 2009 Downloads, Music

Jamie Foxx – Blame It (Remix) f. T-Pain & Freeway

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Here’s a remix Freemix to Jamie Foxx’s “Blame It” that you should definitely peep… It features T-Pain and the most grindinest dude on the internets since DECEMBER of 2008, Freeway.  Do not sleep and be on the lookout for “Free or Die” – coming soon!

DOWNLOAD: Jamie Foxx – Blame It (Remix) f. T-Pain & Freeway
PREVIOUSLY: Freeway – Rockin That Thing (Freemix)

January 12th 2009 Downloads, Music

Freeway – Rockin That Thing (Remix) f. The-Dream

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Here’s another Freemix from the Freezer Freeway for the track “Rockin That Thing” by The-Dream.  Check it out and see what’s happenin w/ Freezer.  Dude has been killin the net – be on the lookout for “Free Or Die” the mixtape!

DOWNLOAD: Freeway – Rockin That Thing (Remix)
PREVIOUSLY: Freeway – Conglomerate (Freemix)

January 12th 2009 Downloads, Music

Busta Rhymes & Freeway – Conglomerate (Remix)

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Here’s some Busta Rhymes and Freeway for “Conglomerate (Remix)” off of Freeway’s upcoming “Free Or Die” mixtape… I spotted it (chillin) in the Freezer (of Change). Anyways, see what ya think of the Free – he’s str8 up killin the internet with that impeccable work ethic.

DOWNLOAD: Busta Rhymes & Freeway – Conglomerate (Remix)
PREVIOUSLY: Busta Rhymes – Conglomerate f. Young Jeezy, Jadakiss

January 10th 2009 Downloads, Music