Currensy – Verde Terrace Mixtape [Spitta Andretti] (Official Download + Tracklist) (DJ Drama)

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Curren$y is here with his official “Verde Terrace Mixtape” going by his Spitta Andretti alias with DJ Drama. I love when Currensy stays on the grind because that means there’s going to be more dope hip hop music to post up. Although his “Weekend At Burnies album” was pretty solid, I thought that he could have stepped his game up more. Maybe I was a little bit too critical though, but I’m trying to give honest feedback.

I posted up his “Televised video” from the album awhile back, but I’m glad he released a new project. In a recent interview, Curren$y says that he generally averages completing 3 new tracks every single day, unless he does a feature for a friend (like Dom Kennedy). On days when he does a feature, he generally only drops the verse for the feature and calls it. With that said, his grind is definitely on point and to be honest, he’s got one of the coolest, most down to Earth, personalities out of any artist in the music industry; something that makes him even more likable (no homo/pause).

Currensy – Verde Terrace (Album Artwork)

Some people complain that most of Spitta’s joints have been “sounding the same” or “similar” to his other songs because he has that slow, mellow, stoner flow. To be honest, I love what he’s doing here, but if I had one recommendation for him, it would be to at least try to get some more upbeat instrumentals. I appreciate the slow stoner-esque flow that he’s using, but I know he’s capable of sounding really dope on higher energy music like “Runway” and “Space Shuttle,” and even like he did on “Damier Doobies.”  He is still one of my favorite mixtape artists of all time no doubt (I still think he’s the most played in my iTunes library). Click here to read more.. »

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Asher Roth Wants To Start A Revolution (MTV News Interview) [Video]

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Here’s some footage of Asher Roth talking with MTV news about wanting to start a revolution.  Check up on it and be on the lookout for his 4/20 album campaign for “Asleep In The Bread Aisle.”  See what’s good with Asher!

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Jon Stewart vs. Jim Cramer (CNBC) on The Daily Show Interview [March 2009] (Video)

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Here’s the entire interview that went down with Jim Cramer from CNBC’s “Mad Money” on Jon Stewart’s “The Daily Show.”  I really like how Jon Stewart wasn’t afraid to call out the financial advisers for certain networks like CNBC.  I do think that it is unwise to watch financial shows for advice, esp. given the current economy… I don’t trust any of those TV fiends with mah dinero.  And honestly, I think the majority of financial advisers are MUCH WORSE than Cramer.  Somebody’s gotta take the heat though.  Good interview here by Stew – hit the JUMP (below) for Part 2 & Part 3!

PREVIOUSLY: Barack Obama on Jon Stewart’s Daily Show (Video)

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Camron – the.LIFE Files Interview (Video)

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Killa Cam talks about everything from what happened to Sizzurp, that status of his relationship with Jim Jones and Juelz Santana, how he beat the recession, his feelings on Jay-Z’s comments on the song “Dig A Hole” and his new album “Crime Pays.”  Check up and see what’s goo with Killa!

PREVIOUSLY: Camron – I Got It 4 Cheap (Prelude)

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Talib Kweli & Hi-Tek – Angie Martinez Hot97 Interview (Video)

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Reflection Eternal (Talib Kweli & Hi-Tek) chop it up with Angie Martinez over at Hot97 for a quality interview. I’m definitely looking forward to their new material – as their work gets constant play on my iTunes and by my homies with good taste in music.

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Scram Jones – LOUD Favorites Interview (Video)

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Jon Master caught up with Scram Jones at the “Yes We Can” video shoot awhile back, and this joint has been sitting in the LOUD attic for a minute… Check up on the footage and see what’s good with Scram!

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Asher Roth – Tim Westwood Interview (Video)

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Here’s footage of Asher Roth choppin it up on Tim Westwood for an interview before his album drops on April 20th a.k.a. 4/20.  See what’s good with Mr. Asher Paul Roth.

PREVIOUSLY: Asher Roth: The Asher Roth Story Semtex TV (Video)

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Just Blaze – Jessie Maguire Interview (Video)

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Just Blaze chops it up with Jessie Maguire for a cool interview letting y’all know about Maino’s upcoming video, the concept behind the video, etc.  He also talks about a leak from Jamie Foxx’s album that he wrote for.  Check up!

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CurT@!n$ – “Hip Hop Official” Interview (Video)

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Here’s some new CurT@!n$ getting down with a feature on Hip Hop Official.  Definitely an interview that y’all should check up on.  Duke is dope.

PREVIOUSLY: Curtains – Dope Boy C For President [Ep. #4] (Video)

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Fonzworth Bentley – Chelsea Lately Interview (Video)

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Here’s an interview that Fonzworth Bentley did with Chelsea Lately. She asks him about carrying Diddy’s umbarellah and also talks about being fashionable. They also talk about about the show “From G’s To Gents.”  See whaddup!

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