Juelz Santana – Street Hustlers Thoughts

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Here’s a DOPE new joint by Saaaaaaaaaan, tana (AYE)! called “Street Hustlers Thoughts.”  I dig the verses, the hook is a bit off tune.

DOWNLOAD: Juelz Santana – Street Hustlers Thoughts
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March 11th 2009 Downloads, Music

The-Dream – Rockin’ That Sh*t (Remix) f. Fabolous, Juelz Santana, Rick Ross, Ludacris (Video)

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Here’s the official music video for The-Dream’s joint called “Rockin’ That Sh*t (Remix)” – which features an allstar cast of Fabolous, Juelz Santana, Rick Ross, Ludacris. Pick up The-Dream’s album [Love vs. Money] on Tuesday (Mar 10)!

PREVIOUSLY: The-Dream – Rockin That Sh*t (Behind The Scenes) [Video]

March 9th 2009 Music, Videos

Juelz Santana’s 26th Birthday Party (Performances) [Video]

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Above is footage of Juelz Satana’s 26th Birthday Party (both the party and performances). Guests included Fabolous, Ron Browz, Vince Carter, Bobby Valentino, Tim Thomas, Busta Rhymes, Skull Gang, Esther Baxter and more.  Check up! Footage courtesy of RealTalkNY.net.

PREVIOUSLY: Juelz Santana’s 26th Birthday Party Invitations (Vid)

March 2nd 2009 Music

Juelz Santana’s 26th Birthday Invitation (Video)

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Here’s Juelz Santana with his 26th Birthday invitation.  Check up on the footage and see what’s good with Santana! AYE!  Snagged from Ms. Infa’s crib!

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February 25th 2009 Interviews, Music

Juelz Santana Talks Camron & Spits Freestyle (Video)

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Here’s some Juelz Santana talking about Killa Cam and spitting a freestyle before Cam’s interview with Ms. Info went down. See what’s good with Saaaaaan Tana AY!

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February 25th 2009 Music

Juelz Santana Reveals “Santanuary” w/ BoBO (Video)

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Juelz Santana reveals “Santanuary” with the folks at Best Of Both Offices.  Check up on the discussion and see what’s good while I bump some music from the iTunes.

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February 18th 2009 Interviews, Music

Juelz Santana Talks Syzzurp Allegations (Video)

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Here’s some footage of Juelz Santana talking about syzzurp allegations…  Check up and see what’s good wit Saaaan-TANA. AY!

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February 13th 2009 Interviews, Music

Juelz Santana, Eminem, Lil Wayne Song Together (Video)

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Juelz Santana talks about a song he has ready for Eminem with a Lil Wayne verse… Vlad TV with the exclusive infa.  Check up on the clip and see what’s up with Juelz Santana.

PREVIOUSLY: Juelz Santana – Let’s Cruise

February 4th 2009 Interviews, Music

Skull Gang – Don’t Want You Back f. Juelz Santana, John Depp & Richmond Rabb (Music Video)

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Here goes the official video for Skull Gang’s “Don’t Want You Back” featuring Juelz Santana, John Depp and Richmond Rabb, from their mixtape Juelz Santana Presents Skull Gang Takeover (The New Movement To Move Wit) in stores now.  The video was directed by Scenario.

PREVIOUSLY: Skull Gang – Drama Fold (Video)

February 2nd 2009 Music, Videos

Lil Wayne & Juelz Santana – Rockstar / Blame It (Remix)

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“Birds Flyin High” / “Rewind” / “Bonafide Hustla” / etc. are all siiiiiiiiiick.  Here’s a new joint that Weezy F. and A_Y_E! did called “Rockstar.”  I’d definitely like another mixtape from Lil Wayne & Santana or an albie…  Also included is Juelz’ rendition of “Blame It.”

DOWNLOAD: Lil Wayne & Juelz Santana – Rockstar
DOWNLOAD: Juelz Santana – Blame It (Remix)
PREVIOUSLY: Lil Wayne – Hot Revolver f. Kevin Rudolf

January 29th 2009 Downloads, Music