WALE – The Eleven One Eleven Theory Mixtape (Official Download + Tracklist)

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WALE just released his official “The Eleven One Eleven Theory Mixtape” for free download through Maybach Music Group (MMG) and it’s basically a precursor to his “Ambition album” that is coming soon. This mixtape is also partially due to celebrate the fact that he hit 1,000,000 (one million) followers on Twitter. Shout out to both Scott and P. Smirf for sending this through. It made it’s debut on Jay-Z’s “Life and Times website” and is definitely something that you need to get. Pretty much every single WALE mixtape that I have ever downloaded has had some awesome material on it.  So what’s the meaning behind the 11:1:11 title?  I think maybe that’s the release date of his album? November 1, 2011… Just a guess though.  It could be some hidden lightworkers symbol (but I doubt that considering he’s rolling with Maybach Music and hitting up strip clubs in his free time)… Anyone is free to throw out symbols with hidden meaning, regardless of whether they live up to them.

WALE – The Eleven One Eleven Theory (Album Artwork)

As you can see by the tracklist, a lot of the instrumentals were produced by BKStoneP (BK Stone P) and he also had production from Deputy, BuBu, DJ Toomp, Hit-Boy, Lil C, and Sonny Digital. Guest apperances on this tape included Tre of UCB, Magazeen, Lloyd, J. Holiday, Black Cobain, to Lil Duval. He didn’t get too many features and kept most of them within his own clique. I was kind of surprised to see that there weren’t any features from Meek Mill, Pill, STALLEY, Rick Ross, or other artists from Maybach Music Group, but I’m hoping that he sticks to his old style for the “Ambition album.” I’m personally a fan of the “go go” sound from the DMV area and wish he could continue in that direction. I know it’s in his roots and I know that he’s capable of making some phenomenal music. Click here to read more.. »

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Drumma Boy – The Birth Of D-Boy Fresh Mixtape (Official Download + Tracklist)

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Drumma Boy has arrived with his official “The Birth Of D-Boy Fresh Mixtape” presented by Drum Squad (his squad).  As you already (likely) know, Drumma Boy is one of the top producers in the south these days.  He works with a variety of artists including my main homie Gucci Mane.  The way that you can tell he is behind the production is from hearing the “uhh yeaaa boiii” adlib on the instrumental.  This guy’s grind is really incredible and the quality of instrumentals that he constantly drops is great.

Drumma Boy – The Birth Of D-Boy Fresh (Album Artwork)

Hopefully you are aware that he has produced songs on the Trae Tha Truth Street King album, Ferrari Boyz album, did the Young Buck I’m Done Wit Y’all song, was on the Twin Towers 2 Mixtape, Future & Gucci Mane Stevie Wonder track, the Yo Gotti CM6 mixtape, and more.  He has worked with Shawty Lo  as well… The number of beats that he gives out to other southern artists is really amazing.  I would like to see him collaborate with some northern artists, but unfortunately most are stubborn and only mess with specific producers up there…  As far as his solo career goes, I doubt that I’ll follow it unless he pulls a DJ Khaled and makes a collaboration album with a bunch of artists that he frequently works with. Click here to read more.. »

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Kreayshawn – Kreayshawn X The Bay (feat. V-Nasty) Mixtape (Official Download + Tracklist)

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Kreayshawn released the officialKreayshawn X The Bay Mixtape” featuring V-Nasty (her main homie) with DJ NatoVatoTaco.  Anyways, I investigated this tape to see what it was all about and how it compared to her “Kittys X Choppas Mixtape” that she did with DJ Woogie awhile ago.  The introductory track is a Bay Area Remix for her song “Gucci Gucci” which I can dig.  Lil Wayne freestyled over it and I liked his version too, but the original was definitely dope.  I had to check this tape out though because in the description it said that it featured instrumentals and/or verses from E-40, C-Bo, Luniz, Mac Dre, Dru Down, C.I.N, IMP, Potna Deuce, and more.

Kreayshawn – Kreayshawn X The Bay (feat. V-Nasty) (Album Artwork)

As I listened, the second track was basically just a remix of her song “Bumpin Bumpin” (which I dig in it’s original form) featuring a new instrumental and C-Bo.  I kept listening to see what else was on here and it made me think that the tape wasn’t really an official release from Kreayshawn – it seemed like someone just did some remixing and DJ work to spice up some of her old material…  I’ve got to say that most of it isn’t very tolerable but I thought “Bumpin Mobb” was listenable.  Plus I think that “I Been Down Bitch” was okay but it sounded like I was in a haunted house (and it’s not Halloween)…  Initially I looked at the tape and thought that it had potential to be an improvement over her last release… turns out that it wasn’t at all. Click here to read more.. »

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Future & Gucci Mane – Free Bricks Mixtape (Official Download) (DJ Scream)

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Gucci Mane La Flare is here with his “Free Bricks mixtape” with Future or as the bloggers and title indicates “Freebricks” seems to be one word. Either way, it is hosted by DJ Scream and is official despite the fact that I wasn’t sure whether it was actually official. Considering he has the “Ferrari Boyz album” coming out on August 9th with Waka Flocka, I’m surprised that there weren’t really any shout outs to go buy the album. Anyways, I’ll remind the people to go pick that project up because it’s really dope.  I’m surprised this dropped so soon after the “Writing On The Wall 2 Mixtape” but then again, I’m not because Gucci is always on his mixtape grind and Future was the one that pushed this project.

Gucci Mane – Free Bricks (Album Artwork)

I honestly wasn’t sure what to expect from Future because to be completely honest, I haven’t listened to much of his music. The music that I have heard from Future, I didn’t really like. With that said, I gave this tape a full spin already and I’ve gotta say that he held his own. Gucci Mane carries the weight though and is clearly on another level, but it’s a good look for Future to be teaming up with La Flare on a mixtape. Gucci has always held down the mixtape game and they got some pretty dope production for this release despite the fact that it’s only 11 tracks.

This mixtape was pretty much a compilation of collaboration tracks that Gucci Mane has done with Future and I believe that Future released it on his own terms.  Ms. Rivercity who’s considered most bloggers’ 1017 Brick Squad connection sent it over so that was pretty much the go-ahead that it was legitimate and that I should post it up.  I still had to give it a listen though because I was skeptical about whether or not it was official.  Turns out that it is and that there is some dope tracks by Gucci Mane and Future on here. Click here to read more.. »

July 31st 2011 Downloads, Mixtapes, Music

Pill – The Diagnosis (Mixtape) (Download Official) (DJ Scream & Maybach Music Group)

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Pill released his official “The Diagnosis Mixtape” for all of his fans out there with DJ Scream and Maybach Music Group.  I first started listening to Pill when he released his “The Prescription Mixtape” then listened to “The Refill Mixtape” and finally “The Overdose Mixtape” – which was most recent up until this release.  There were some street bangers on each of the tapes so I recommend getting all three and giving them solid listens.  My favorite tracks by Pill are still: “Trap Goin H.A.M.,” “The Work’s Hard” and “Run Up to Me.”  I also like the Freddie Gibbs track “Womb 2 The Tomb” featuring Pill and “Workin” featuring the LEP Bogus Boys.  So to keep things in perspective, Pill has a lot of dope material, and at one point I was hoping that he was going to team up with Freddie Gibbs for a collaboration mixtape, but it never happened.

Pill – The Diagnosis (Album Artwork)

Who are the features on Pill’s “The Diagnosis Mixtape?”

Well, P I double L got the likes of Gucci Mane (always a personal favorite), Gorilla Zoe, Starlito, Rick Ross, Meek Mill, Gunplay, 2 Chainz, CyHi Da Prynce, Pusha T (of The Clipse), Tech 9, and Trae Tha Truth. Seems to me like plenty of features for this one. I like all of the artists that are featured, but I’ll have to listen to some of this and see how the chemistry is. Personally I hope that Pill takes it back to his organic sound pre-Maybach Music because I think that his own beats and production fit his style a lot better than the stuff Ross brings to the table. Ross beats make Ross sound good and fit him, but not necessarily all the other members of his group like WALE and Pill. Click here to read more.. »

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Juicy J – V.A.B.P. Young Nigga Movement Mixtape (Download) (Lex Luger & Trap-A-Holics)

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Lex Luger and Juicy J (as the host) decide to drop the V.A.B.P. Young Nigga Movement mixtape for the people with Trap-A-Holics (real trap shit) on the drops.  I don’t really know whether there are going to be a lot of Juicy J songs or a bunch of other artists featured, but I’m hoping for as much Juicy J as possible.  Anyways, in case you didn’t know, the official second single for the project was “Oh Well” by Juicy J featuring 2 Chainz as well as the (first single) song “I Got New Hoes (Wit They Fine Ass)” and each of those have videos accompanying them.  I personally thought that the track “Oh Well” was a lot better than the “I Got New Hoes” track.

Juicy J – Young Nigga Movement Mixtape (Album Artwork)

I believe in the introductory video to this VABP Young Nigga Movement mixtape, I saw Juicy J with a Volcano Vaporizer and obviously plenty of pills because “We Trippy Mane!”  I have a “We Trippy Mane T Shirt” that I represent from time to time courtesy of Juicy J and think that his movement is dope.  I really like what he and Lex Luger have been able to do as far as mixtapes are concerned.  Most of their material on the “Rubba Band Business mixtape” and “Rubba Band Business 2 mixtape” I would have bought on iTunes because it’s some hot fiyah.  I guess they’re both just having fun and trying to give away material for the fans and keep people talking about them; all around dope – I’m not gonna complain that’s for damn sure. Click here to read more.. »

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Juicy J & Lex Luger – Rubba Band Business 2 (Mixtape)

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God damn, Juicy J and Lex Luger teamed up for a fucking classic hoodrich mixtape rightchea.  Juicy J talks about drugs, hoes, his neighbors, Kobe Bryant, and money.  Lex Luger supplies some fucking heatrock for instrumentals and Juicy J makes some dope party anthems.  Although this obviously isn’t very intellectual/lyrical music, you can bet your ass that I will be playing this shit for awhile… Juicy J always comes through and I thought that the original Rubba Band Business had some bangers.

On this tape he’s got a number of different features including: Wiz Khalifa, Curren$y, Project Pat, and Casey Veggies.  There are some hood classics on here… If you are a fan of Triple 6 Mafia and/or Juicy J and his money-drugs-hoes style, then this is for you.  If you are the type of person that complains when something isn’t “lyrical enough,” I suggest to proceed with caution if you are thinking about downloading.  Anyways, this is dope, hit it up if you can handle it.

OFFICIAL TRACKLISTING + DOWNLOAD BELOW…. Click here to read more.. »

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Ray J – For The Love Of Ray J (Mixtape)

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Here’s a lineup of Ray J joints that Team Rsinal shot over in a mixtape format entitled “Ladies: For The Love of Ray J”…  In case you haven’t seen Ray J lately, he’s got a dating show goin down called “For The Love of Ray J.”  Hit the JUMP for the tracklisting + download. Click here to read more.. »

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Capone-N-Noreaga – Channel 10 (Mixtape)

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Capone-N-Noreaga’s album “Channel 10” is dropping on the 17th and as a precursor to that drop, the duo decided to hook up their fans with a new “Channel 10 (Mixtape)” which features unreleased cuts.  They teamed up with DX for the drop – so you may have already peeped.  They also posted it up on their blog – which is where I snagged the linkery from.  I will also be putting up a review of the album on this site next week… So be on the lookout for that.  Hit the JUMP for the download! Click here to read more.. »

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J-Gan & Royce Da 5’9″ – Touch The Sky / The Truth (Vol. 1) [Mixtape]

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J-Gan is an emcee / producer from North Dakota (currently in WA).  He just finished his mixtape “The Truth (Vol. 1)” w/ hosting from Joe Scudda.  Royce Da 5’9″ collabs for his single “Touch The Sky.”  Check up and see what ya think of his music.

DOWNLOAD: J-Gan & Royce Da 5’9″ – Touch The Sky
DOWNLOAD: J-Gan – The Truth (Vol. 1) [Mixtape]

March 12th 2009 Downloads, Mixtapes, Music