The Cool Kids – When Fish Ride Bicycles Album (Download + Analysis + Mini Review)

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The Cool Kids finally will be releasing “When Fish Ride Bicycles” on July 12, 2011 with the help of the Green Label Sound (sponsored by Mountain Dew). In case you don’t know who The Cool Kids are, they are a duo of Chuck Inglish (from Michigan) and Mikey Rocks a.k.a. Sir Michael Rocks (from Illinois). The album has been in the making for over 2 years now – YES TWO YEARS – and they have released countless mixtapes prior to this album, so I’d hope that you as a hip hop music fan will go out and support the duo so that they can keep releasing albums instead of just mixtapes.

The Cool Kids When Fish Ride Bicycles Album Artwork (Cover)

The Cool Kids Have Pushed Back the “When Fish Ride Bicycles” Release Date Since 2009

I had originally made a bet with my cousin Alex about when this album was going to drop and I bet him that it was going to come out in the summer of 2009 (which was the scheduled release date).  He said he thought it wasn’t going to come out and I said “nah, they aren’t going to back out, let’s make a bet.”  So the agreement was that if it came out on the original scheduled date, he would have to buy me a copy of their album in addition to his copy.  If it got pushed back, I would have to buy him the Wu-Tang Clan box set from Best Buy.  Fortunately, we negotiated and I somehow got out of having to get him the box set…haha

Then it got pushed back without further notice, then rescheduled, then “Pennies (Remix)” came out and I thought we were making progress, and then it got pushed, pushed, and pushed some more. I emailed The Cool Kids management and didn’t get a response back and was just annoyed with all of the push-backs (word to Dr. Dre). Anyways, it’s finally coming out, the real deal, I’m happy, my cousin’s happy, and you can expect nothing but solid dope music from this “When Fish Ride Bicycles album.”  Plus when I saw their “Get Fresh Air commercial” with Nike, I got really excited to see them re-emerging. Click here to read more.. »

July 6th 2011 Album Reviews, Downloads, Music

Pusha T – Raid (feat. 50 Cent & Pharrell)

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This track “Raid” by Pusha T off of his “Fear of God mixtape” is the best on the tape and one of the best I’ve heard from Pusha in awhile. Curtis and Pharrell accompany him and both sound dope on the track. 50 straight up murks this shit. If you didn’t get the mixtape, you’re missing out on some dopeness fur shiz.

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April 13th 2011 Music

Pharrell On Rob Dyrdek’s Fantasy Factory (Deleted Scene) [Video]

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Here’s some footage of Skateboard P on a deleted scene from Rob Dyrdek’s “Fantasy Factory” show.  Check up and see what’s good with Pharrell.

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March 6th 2009 Music

Pharrell, Big Sean, Charles Hamilton In The Studio (Video)

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Here’s some footage of Skateboard P in the studio with Big Sean and Charles Hamilton letting you know what it dew.  They are letting you know what’s up with Big Sean’s “Finally Famous” album.  “You are 5 feet away from the finish line.”  Props to BoBO!

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February 15th 2009 Interviews, Music

Pharrell’s “Nylon Magazine” Cover Shoot (Video)

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“Madonna kicked my ass in the studio”. Pharrell talks about sneakers, music and growing up at our NYLON Guys cover shoot.   Rockin triple sunglasses… Check up on the footage and see what’s good with Skateboard P!

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February 6th 2009 Interviews, Music

Lil Wayne – Ay Man f. Pharrell / Amazing Love

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Here are a couple new Weezy F joints that recently surfaced… The first is “Ay Man” featuring Skateboard P and the other called “Amazing Love” is apparently set to be off of his upcoming rock album. I see that “Prom Queen” has quickly climbed to iTunes’ #2 single!

DOWNLOAD: Lil Wayne – Ay Man f. Pharrell
DOWNLOAD: Lil Wayne – Amazing Love
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February 1st 2009 Downloads, Music

Lil Wayne – Yes f. Pharrell

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Here’s another new joint by Lil Wayne called “Yes” featuring Pharrell that was spotted over at OS. Be sure to check up on it and see what y’all think.  I’m bout to head out for awhile, even though there’s billions of thangs to post up… Have a good FRI night y’all!

DOWNLOAD: Lil Wayne – Yes f. Pharrell
PREVIOUSLY: Lil Wayne – Red Rum (prod. Cool N’ Dre)

January 9th 2009 Downloads, Music

Teriyaki Boyz – Work That f. Pharrell & Chris Brown (Music Video)

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Featured above is the music video fro the Teriyaki Boyz’ track entitled “Work That” featuring the likes of Pharrell and Chris Brown.  Check it out and see what y’all think.  I’m gon post up some vids here to leave y’all with, then that list of top albies coming 2mar.

PREVIOUSLY: Chris Brown & T-Pain – Freeze (Video Shoot)

December 23rd 2008 Music, Videos

Common – Punch Drunk Love (Remix) f. Pharrell

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Here’s a remix to Common’s joint “Punch Drunk Love” featuring Pharrell… Check it out and be sure to go support Common if you’re liking his latest sound from “Universal Mind Control,” which hits stores tomorrow (DEC. 9th)… Oh, and if you’re gon be in New York, NY – be sure to hit up “related” below to find out where you can get your copy signed (Virgin Megastore)!

DOWNLOAD: Common – Punch Drunk Love (Remix) f. Pharrell
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December 8th 2008 Downloads, Music

Clinton Sparks – Still Got It 4 Cheap f. The Clipse, Pharrell

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Here’s a new joint called "Still Got It 4 Cheap" by The Clipse and Skateboard P (Pharrell)… Sounds pretty damn dope playboys.  Clinton Sparks put this together – so biggups to him.  You already know that you need to GET FAMILIAR (g-get familiar).

DOWNLOAD: Clinton Sparks – Still Got It 4 Cheap f. The Clipse, Pharrell

December 5th 2008 Downloads, Music