Skyzoo – Atypical Video (Official Download + Lyrics) (The Great Debater Mixtape)

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Skyzoo just dropped his official “Atypical video” from “The Great Debater mixtapewhich I’m kind of confused about because I checked iTunes and couldn’t find it and was told that it’s already out in stores it’s available for free… Oh well, anyways, the track was produced by a veteran in the game, Illmind (properly spelled !llmind) and the video was directed by Kenneth Price (Price Films) and is featured in IWWMG & Jamla.  Anyways, when I first heard this track, it sounded a little different than what I’m used to hearing from Skyzoo, but I really liked it.

Initially I thought that the chorus was kind of repetitive and not very good, but sometimes when you get a beat that slaps, its WAY BETTER to keep the chorus simple and catchy so that more people are capable of enjoying it.  I’m not suggesting that artists “dumb it down” (c) Lupe, but I am saying that you can at least keep it melodic so that more people are able to enjoy and understand it…

Skyzoo – Atypical Video (Official)

Since I’m not a leaker and want people to support real hip hop music, I linked to Skyzoo’s iTunes page so that if the album does make its way up there, you will be directed to the right place by clicking on the link below…  Anyways, I’ll say that Skyzoo has really improved since he first started and I’m glad people support his music.  I think that he has a long way to go to reach more mainstream appeal and/or be the best musician that he can be, but right now, he still puts out some cool, solid material… The video above features some hot hipster babes and S-k-y zoo doing the damn thing. UPDATE: The Great Debater is a free mixtape for the fans! Hit up the download below the album download… Click here to read more.. »

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PackFM, Masta Ace, Sadat X, Skyzoo, Poison Pen, Sha Stimuli – We F*cking Hate Rappers (Video)

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Here’s the latest from PackFM along with Masta Ace, Sadat X, Skyzoo, Poison Pen, and Sha Stimuli letting you know what they all have in common!  Read below for the full description – and be sure to check out the vid above!

Q: What do Masta Ace, Iron Solomon, DMC, B Real, Sadat X, Skyzoo, and Poison Pen all have in common with PackFM?  A: They F*cking Hate Rappers too!

When one man takes a stand against something its very easy to write it off as “hating”. But if everybody speaks up, it becomes much more. “I F*cking Hate Rappers” is not just your typical bash against the “wack mc”, it’s a call to action for people to raise their standards and show respect for the art form, in an age where “rapping” is the last thing rappers are known for.

PREVIOUSLY: PackFM – I F*cking Hate Rappers (Live Acapella) [Video]

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Mickey Factz, Termanology, Skyzoo – Remember Biggie (Video)

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Here’s some Mickey Factz, Termanology, and Skyzoo all “Remembering Biggie.”  NotoriousTV continuing the series, definitely diggin it.  Check up and hear what they all had to say about the G.O.A.T.

PREVIOUSLY: Mickey Factz – Rhymes & Reasons (Honda) [Video]

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Skzyoo Talks “Salvation” Album w/ John Brown (Video)

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The King Of Da Burbz catches up with Skyzoo who speaks about his current projects including a new mixtape and his new album. The album “Salvation” is coming this July – make sure to be ready for that.

PREVIOUSLY: Skyzoo – Top 5 Girls He’d Smash (Video)

March 2nd 2009 Interviews, Music

Skyzoo – Top 5 Girls He’d Smash (Video)

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Above is some Skyzoo on DJ Vlad’s “Top 5 Girls I’d Smash” series… Checkkup if you want to hear his picks. SKY-Zoo.

PREVIOUSLY: Skyzoo Talks Chi Ali (Video)

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Skyzoo Talks About Chi Ali (Video)

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Skyzoo talks with Gasface about Chil Ali behing an inspiration and why he was influenced.  Check out the 60 seconds in dedication to Chi from Sky.

PREVIOUSLY: Skyzoo – On Fire (prod. Cookin’ Soul)

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Panama – Play Your Position f. Skyzoo (Music Video)

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Above is the latest music video for rapper/actor Panama’s track “Play Your Position” featuring Skyzoo off Panama’s upcoming mixtape “Ring Side Seats: The Weigh In”… The track was produced by Black Jab and directed by Mills Miller.

PREVIOUSLY: Panama – Play Your Position f. Skyzoo (Behind The Scenes)

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Jay Rock – Talk My Sh*t (Again & Again) f. Skyzoo & K-Dot

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Skyzoo & K-Dot hop on “Talk My Sh*t” by the dope dude Jay Rock for the West Coastin / East Coastin connection. Look out for Jay Rock’s debut album, “Follow Me Home,” droppin soon on Top Dawg Entertainment!

DOWNLOAD: Jay Rock – Talk My Shit (Again & Again) f. Skyzoo & K-Dot
PREVIOUSLY: Jay Rock – The Grind Don’t Stop (ep 3)

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Skyzoo – On Fire (prod. Cookin’ Soul)

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Here’s some fiyah from Skyzoo called “On Fire” produced by Cookin’ Soul.  Check it out and see what ya’ll think of the cut.  I really hope that Skyzoo drops an album for his fans in 2009.  Anyways, you know sss’ ill w/ a C-c-c-ookin Soul and Skyzoo combo.

DOWNLOAD: Skyzoo – On Fire (prod. Cookin’ Soul)
PREVIOUSLY: Skyzoo – Bells & Whistles (prod. Algorythm)

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Torae, Skyzoo, Sha Stimuli – Ms. Drama Interview (Video)

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Here’s some footage of Torae, Skyzoo, and Sha Stimlui getting down with Ms. Drama for interviews… I posted up Donny Goines’ earlier – so get up on that if you missed out.  Be sure to hit the JUMP for SKY and Sha Stimuli…. CHECK it.

PREVIOUSLY:  Donny Goines – Ms. Drama Interview

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