Lil Wayne Drops In At Skatepark of Tampa / Single Ladies Freestyle (Videos)

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Lil Wayne is easily one of the most down to Earth rappers… With success comes hate and there are a lot of people that like to hate on Weezy.  Although he’s not my favorite artist, I make damn sure I listen to all of his material when it drops. You see him everywhere, he’s with Skip Bayless on ESPN winning the Skippy Awards, he does bowling for charity with Chris Paul and Nelly, he’s touring all the time, he doesn’t sleep much, and here he is after a show doing a drop in at the Stakepark of Tampa… dope.  Obviously the “Sorry 4 the Wait Mixtape” has been out for awhile and you should have that already… Weezy stays in the hip hop news all the time – in fact, he’s getting sued for $15 million for allegedly stealing the smash hit song “BedRock”…

Lil Wayne Drops in at SkatePark of Tampa, Florida (Video)

Here’s what they had to say about the footage:

After I left at about 4am this morning while Weezy and crew were still skating, Porpe stayed behind to take care of them and close up the Park. He filmed Lil Wayne saying some nice words about Skatepark of Tampa plus some footage of him dropping in at the Bowl. That sure looked like a fun 5am session. Thanks for stopping by, Wayne. Thanks for filming and shooting photos, Porpe. More photos at​weezy“… Click here to read more.. »

August 4th 2011 Music, News

Meek Mill – We Gon Get Dis Money Video (Official Download + Lyrics)

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Meek Mill dropped his officialWe Gon Get Dis Money video” today with Maybach Music Films. His upcoming “Dream Chaser Mixtape” is set to drop on August 11th so be sure to lookout for that project if you like what Meek has been doing with his music. I’ve gotta be completely honest, for me the Maybach Music Group roster as far as who I listen to the most goes: Rick Ross > WALE > Stalley & Pill > Meek Mill. In other words, Meek Mill is my least favorite one on the roster. With that said, I find some of his music tolerable and I liked the majority of their “Self Made album” which is in stores now (mostly because Ross chose banging beats and was on the choruses).

Meek Mill – We Gon Get Dis Money Video (Official)

Personally, I want to know who is singing on the chorus of this track because whoever they are, they did an awesome job. Maybe it’s just Meek Mill switching up and editing his singing vocals? IDK. Anyways, DRE Films was behind this video so shouts out to them.  Finally, I want to say shout out to Meek Mill for making this a solid track – I personally think he’s really been stepping his game up since signing to MMG.  Personally though, I’m wondering whether Ross is going to let him drop a debut album or continue to just use him for features on MMG collaboration albums…  This track doesn’t even come close to “PacMan” in my opinion because it lacks one significant element… ROZAY!

DOWNLOAD: Meek Mill – We Gon Get Dis Money Click here to read more.. »

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Lil B – Where Dem Based Boys (Video + Download + Lyrics) (Official Red Flame)

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Lil B is back with the officialWhere Dem Based Boys video” and he gets extra Based on this joint over Waka Flocka Flame‘s joint so I guess you could call this a “Luv Da Gun Sound freestyle.” Although the Based God doesn’t manage to fully ride the beat properly, that’s his style. Based God’s videos and lyrics always make me laugh so I figured why the hell not post this up even if it does piss of some real “hip hop music” heads. He has been swagging to the max lately with the release of his “Out The Hood video” as well as his “Bill Bellamy video” (which is a personal favorite).  Oh and if you haven’t taken the time to read the “I’m Gay album review” that I wrote, check that out if you’re a fan of Lil B.

Lil B – Where Dem Based Boys Video (Official) (Luv Da Gun Sound Freestyle)

I personally am a fan of both Lil B and Waka Flocka, but I obviously like Waka’s version more, not only because it was the original, but because I think he did a better job handling the instrumental.  Lil B’s freestyle was cool though and I’m not going to hate.  If I was a hater I wouldn’t have posted this joint up in the first place…  Anyways, I took the time to write out the lyrics below to this track so if you want to check those out while you watch the video, feel free to see what’s good below.

DOWNLOAD: Lil B – Where Dem Based Boys (Red Flame Mixtape) Click here to read more.. »

July 19th 2011 Downloads, Lyrics, Music, New Songs, Videos

Eminem – Space Bound (Official Video)

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Eminem released the “Space Bound” official video for the people a few days ago and I felt like I needed to make sure that I posted it up. All of Eminems songs have been blowing up this year and rightfully so, he’s Top 5 without a shadow of a doubt. Anyways, in case you haven’t been totally keeping up with Eminem, make sure that you go purchase a copy of his collab project with Royce Da 5’9″, “Hell: The Sequel.”

Eminem – Space Bound (Official Video)

IDK about you, but tracks like “Space Bound” aren’t really my style. Eminem packs a wicked punch in all of his songs just by being as skilled as he is and rapping as well as he does. However, I’m more of a fan of his more aggressive sounding tracks that are on the Bad Meets Evil collaboration. Anyways, always good to have new Eminem regardless of what the song is. Hit up the jump for the lyrics to Space Bound.

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June 27th 2011 Music, Videos

Chili Four Loko (Epic Meal Time) [Official Video]

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In case you haven’t seen these guys on Epic Meal time, this is their “Chili Four Loko” video that’s gotten tons of views on YouTube since it first dropped. There are quite a few hilarious lines in this and the music in the background makes it perfect. You’re probably wondering why the hell I’m even posting this up since it’s not totally hip hop related, and I’ll tell ya why.

The reason that I’m posting up something so completely rando is because I feel like crap today… and I have been the past couple days. So when I recover from whatever I’ve had, I’ll be back to some potent hip hop blogging. Until then, go HAM with that Chili Four Loko.

Anyways, Four Loko is some really effed up stuff. I remember trying all of the flavors back when they had the caffeine/alcohol mixture and it was pretty badass… Definitely not very healthy.

June 27th 2011 Funny Ish, Random

Big Sean’s Detroit Homecoming (Video)


Big Sean don has some footage of his Detroit Homecoming… Pretty solid vid with some breaks in between for him to talk. He talks about following your heart even if it involves not going to college… Definitely something that I think’s a good message as well. The Finally Famous album is going to be in stores on June 28th so make sure that you go out and buy a copy. Based on all the singles and past track record for Big Sean, we know that it’s going to be filled with some great music.

Big Sean’s Detroit Homecoming

Dude definitely fits the G.O.O.D. music label perfectly and has been one of my favorite artists for awhile now. Big Sean’s at that stage of his career where the hits are starting to emerge and the mainstream crowd is officially all over his stuff. It’s pretty cool to have watched a talented artist like Big Sean grow as an artist from when I first found out about him back in 2008. “I used to be underground like the pipeline, now I’m everywhere like WiFi” – Big Sean (All Night)…

Anyways, I’ll still always like his old material because at the time when it was released it was a breath of fresh air in my playlist. Props to Mr. I Do It for his success… Boiiiiiiiiiiii P.S. I’d like to hear a new collaboration of Big Sean x Mike Posner because “Cooler Than Me (O.G. Version),” “Who Knows?” and “Smoke N Drive” were all bangers… Nuff said though.

June 25th 2011 Music, Videos

P2theLA – Hunnit (Official Video)

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When I saw the homie Gucci1017 tweet about P2theLA’s latest single “Hunnit” produced by Drumma Boy, I had to check up on it and see what was good. This kid definitely has a lot of talent and I remember listening to him back in the day (a couple years ago) and remembering that he had skills as an artist.

If he keeps getting good production and promotion, he could definitely blow up. Artists these days need to be consistent and have the right energy in order to get exposure in the first place. Anyways, at the end of the day, this is a cool track and there’s a nice video up above to go along with it.

P2theLA is a west coast artist (in case you ain’t know)…

June 25th 2011 Music, Videos

Smokey Robotic – Give It All Away (Official Video)

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Smokey Robotic is here with a song called “Give It All Away” and the official video is above. For an artist that I just discovered, I will say that the song is dope. Actually, it’s really smooth and something that I would definitely enjoy hearing on the radio while I’m driving or during an afternoon when I just want to chill the fawk out. It would be cool if SM could point us to a place where we could download it (unless it’s already on iTunes; I didn’t check). Anyhow, I’m looking forward to hearing more from this smooth singing fiend… La la la la, la la la laaaaa!

June 25th 2011 Music, Videos

Kreayshawn – Bumpin Bumpin (Official Video)

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Here’s a new track called “Bumpin Bumpin” from the homegurl Kreayshawn… If you’re reading this Kreayshawn, can I spend the night at YOUR house? I had to laugh at a few of the comments on YouTube, one of which said that Kreayshawn is like Lil B’s long lost sister.  In case you didn’t know though, this song was out before “Gucci Gucci” and also is what gets sampled on that song when she says “One Big Room Full of Bad Bitches.”  This song has an overall crazy sound, but I’m a fan.

Tracks like this aren’t going to be your cup of tea if you like to brag about the fact that you only listen to the most lyrical mofos spittin those “he-could-pass-a-polygraph” type raps.  However, if you’re into that overall alternative sound and are open to some cool ish, check up on this track.  Thee lyrics will be included after the JUMP in case you ain’t know…

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June 25th 2011 Music, Videos

Kreayshawn – Gucci Gucci (Official Video)

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Kreayshawn is one boss bitch coming through with the official video for her track “Gucci Gucci.”  Even though this track is getting tons of hate, I can dig it and I can see where haters are coming from.  When I originally saw the song title and artist, I thought that it was going to be another rando artist with a Gucci Mane sample or something.  It turns out that I was completely wrong… The sample (of another one of her tracks is flame).

Oh, and in case you were completely oblivious while you watched the vid, there is an appearance of both Jasper and Left Brain from Odd Future Wolf Gang (Golf Wang) in the video… Not to quote or anything, but this bia has that hipster swag and it’s pumping out her ovaries; whether that’s a good thing or not is for you to decide.

I’m not sure when this joint dropped, but there’s no denying that I cannot keep up with all of the latest hipsters emerging from L.A.  I do follow the Based God, chef, cook, steak knife, swag, but it’s tough to keep up with everybody these days. Anyways, if you want the lyrics be sure to hit the JUMP or click “read more” or whatever… I have a feeling that this chica is gon blow up despite the hate among hip hop heads and purists, she does have some catchy sounding ish.

Click here to read more.. »

June 25th 2011 Music, Videos