Young Jeezy – Do It For You Video (feat. Freddie Gibbs) (Official Download)

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Young Jeezy is here with his new official “Do It For You video” featuring Freddie Gibbs a.k.a. Gangsta Gibbs. Word is that Jeezy is going to drop a new mixtape with DJ Drama as a follow up to “The Real is Back” tape. His upcoming “Thug Motivation 103 album” has a scheduled release date of September 20th and I’m personally hoping that the date does NOT change. I’ve been a huge Jeezy fan since his original tapes like “Trap Or Die” and “Can’t Ban the Snowman” – both of which still get rotation in my iTunes library to this day.

Young Jeezy – Do It For You Video (feat. Freddie Gibbs) (Official)

I do like the fact that Jeezy signed Freddie Gibbs, this was a very smart move as far as I’m concerned. Additionally it was beneficial for Freddie Gibbs because he gets more exposure as a result of Jeezy already having a large established fan base. I think that Freddie Gibbs has been amazing from the first time I heard him rhyme and he keeps getting better. Glad dude made it out of Gary, Indiana – I have witnessed how tough the living conditions are there. Believe me, it’s one of the worst places to live in the U.S. with all of the Steelworker Mills there… Click here to read more.. »

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Young Jeezy – Ballin Video (Official) feat. Lil Wayne (Download + Lyrics)

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Young Jeezy is back with his officialBallin video” featuring Lil Wayne and production from Lil Lody. In this song, Young Jeezy says, “You think you ballin cuz you got a block.” This track is off of his upcoming “Thug Motivation 103 album” which is scheduled to be released at some point in 2011 although no exact date has been confirmed. I’m a fan of Young Jeezy and know that he’s capable of making music that is highly motivating and he’s in his own lane. Anyways, in case you didn’t know TM 103 is going to be his fourth studio album and it’s going to drop through CTE (Corporate Thugz Entertainment), Def Jam, Interscope, Columbia, and Decon Records later this year. Side note: holy crap that’s a lot of record company affiliations.

Young Jeezy Ballin Video (Official) (featuring Lil Wayne)

In the video, you can see Young Jeezy rolling up in some nice new cars with his CTE clique and they watch some guys play some basketball in the streets. I thought that the video was well done so shout out to Collin Tilley on the directing, he did a good job. If you really like this track and don’t already have it, you can hit up a copy below for download on iTunes. Sorry I don’t throw out free download links like most other blogs unless the track is specified to be released for free. So if you have the money to purchase the song and enjoy it, why not just buy it? It’s one freaking dollar which isn’t that much money if you actually work and know how to manage money.

DOWNLOAD: Young Jeezy – Ballin’ (feat. Lil Wayne) (Single) (iTunes) Click here to read more.. »

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Freddie Gibbs – Stripes [Run D MC] (feat. Young Jeezy)

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Gangsta Gibbs links up with Young Jeezy the Snowman for a new track called “Stripes (Run D MC)” which is okay.  I wonder if Jeezy saw Rawse signin all these new cats (Stalley, WALE, Meek Mill, etc.) and felt left out or what.  Anyways, this has a classic Jeezy beat, drums, and all.  Freddie Gibbs is “so hot he’s off the thermometer” according to his verse… I honestly think that he could have went with a quicker flow for at least 1/2 of his verse and it would have sounded WAAAAY BETTER!  Just because you are on a track with Jeezy doesn’t mean you need to slow your verse way down.

People looking for something that will bang in the whip, this will work well… Jeezy does work, but I was a little bit disappointed with Gangsta Gibbs… Gibbs is fucking awesome, I just like that quick flow a little better.  Anyways… probably one you’ll want to download so the link is below.  I don’t post random terrible shit, so just download it if you are a fan of Jeezy and/or Freddie Gibbs and see what you think. *Snow snow snow snow snow*

DOWNLOAD: Freddie Gibbs – Stripes (feat. Young Jeezy)

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DJ Drama Talks Beef w/ Young Jeezy / New Album (Video)

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Thisis50 sat down with DJ Drama a.k.a. Barack ODrama to talk about his new album, his new hit “Day Dreamin”, T.I., his relationship with Young Jeezy, and more.  See what’s good with Mr. Thanksgiving….

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Young Jeezy – Circulate (Music Video)

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Here’s the latest Belvedere Vodka-commissioned video for Young Jeezy’s track “Circulate.”  You already know that it’s off The Recession – which is in stores now.  Check up on the latest and see what’s good with the Snowman!

PREVIOUSLY: Young Jeezy – Welcome Back (Music Video)

February 26th 2009 Music, Videos

Young Jeezy – Welcome Back (Music Video)

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Here goes the Snowman / Young Jeezy’s latest music video for his newest sangle “Welcome Back”, from his third major studio album The Recession – which is a dope albie…  Video directed by Gabriel Hart.

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February 18th 2009 Music, Videos

Young Jeezy – That Ain’t It (Uhh Uhh)

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Perfect timing for this post… It’s snowing like a mug outside and I decided to use that Snowman image for the post. Here’s some Young Jeezy with “That Ain’t It (Uhh Uhh)” over Cliff’s ‘strum.

DOWNLOAD: Young Jeezy – That Ain’t It (Uhh Uhh)
PREVIOUSLY: Young Jeezy – Cash Flow

February 18th 2009 Downloads, Music

Young Jeezy – Cash Flow (Bang Bang)

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Here’s some new ish from Young Jeezy the Snowman – going in over Ace Hood’s “Cash Flow” instrumental… which is dope BTW. Anyways, see what it dew with Jeezy. You ever seen that playboy?

DOWNLOAD: Young Jeezy – Cash Flow (Bang Bang)
PREVIOUSLY: Young Jeezy – Turn My Swag On (Freestyle)

February 11th 2009 Downloads, Music

Young Jeezy – Turn My Swag On (Freestyle)

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A lot of rappers have been turning their swag back on… The Snowman happens to be one of those rappers trappers… Swagga jacked from TMI.  The Snowman is still blazin on the radio with the “My Pres Is Black” remix!

DOWNLOAD: Young Jeezy – Turn My Swag On
PREVIOUSLY: Young Jeezy & Hova – My Pres Is Black (Remix)

February 5th 2009 Downloads, Music

Ciara – Echo f. Young Jeezy

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Here’s some Ciara with “Echo” featuring Young Jeezy… Off of Big Mike & DJ Neptune’s R&B Kings Vol 2 mixtape.  This version is without DJ.

DOWNLOAD: Ciara – Echo f. Young Jeezy
PREVIOUSLY: Ciara – Never Ever (Music Video)

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